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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Losing the game and on being....tactless???

LETRAN vs. PCU Game 1 of the NCAA Season 81. Posted by Picasa

I was gripping my camera so tight and there were times when I just forget that I am at Araneta Coliseum not just to watch the game but to cover the event. Yesterday was game 1 of the NCAA Finals. Letran vs. PCU. What a game! I thought the game was already in the bag of the knights but we lost...whatever, I am just happy that I have some nice photos inspite of losing, it was nice of Rico to lend me a different camera lens, and though my I was really adjusting to the use of such lens I believed that I've put justice into my photos.

Tactless --
tact·less adj.
Lacking or exhibiting a lack of tact; bluntly inconsiderate or indiscreet.

tactless·ly adv.
tactless·ness n.

Unkind, impolite, rude...was I ever like this? I mean, I am not perfect but I see to it that I don't do anything unkind to anyone because who would ever want people to be unkind to them. But today, someone told me that I am "taklesa" because I spoke some words to someone and what's really funny is that I didn't mean anything. The person to whom I have spoken these words was someone I consider real close to me, almost like my own brother and you know what ang nagsabi sa akin na taklesa ako was not him. But I apologized anyway...and nakakatawa because he really don't have an idea what is my apology for...Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut...


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