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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm back and I hope for good.

I haven't been blogging for quite sometime (more than a year). I've been busy, yeah right.

But yesterday while spending time with a Tita and her friend, My Tita's friend said something that stuck to my mind. My Tita said, people always says "I don't have time" I know because I always say it too. She said, that shouldn't be because "we shouldn't let time conquer us, we should conquer time" and thinking about it, what she said is quite true, she also said that it we want something done, we can do it and should give the excuse that one doesn't have time.

So there, I hope I will be able to stick to my plan that I should go on and blog again. Initially this journal is about our wedding, then turned into some sort of a travel blog, and now, I am "reviving" it, I am hoping that I can blog more about the experiences I come across as a Mom, as a working Mom with a kid that goes to school. And then I plan to blog about the people I meet, the restos where we eat and the vacations which we're gonna take!

Goodluck to me and I hope I will be able to keep this up!

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Monday, May 31, 2010

David Joseph

I got early to the church as planned, I really don't wanna be late. I can say I was way too early, I arrived an hour before the schedule time but then, it was really my plan because I want to be really ready when the event starts. I want my cameras in "shooting mode" and when I say shooting mode, I want to take shots before the main event starts.

So I took some photos of the facade of the church. It drizzled on my way there thus the clouds overhead looked like this:

and then I might as well take some shots of the facade as well. But I was afraid to stand in the middle of the street since I have no one to watch after me and I was worried that some maniac driver will simply ran over me, so I was contented with this shot:

I guess I was way too early because after a while I was taking shots of the things around me because, I was all by myself and seems like no one is arriving.

I took interest of the clouds;

and then of the other things around me, like the balustrade;

and then of course there's the window....

and then the priest who is about to officiate the christening finally came! And so, I have a new subject:

Father, busied himself watching the on-going construction beside the church.

And when it was almost time, the family came! Yehey! And the baby was fast asleep on his Tita's arms.

More photos will be uploaded at

Friday, May 28, 2010

The little girl can't sleep...


It's been a while since I posted something.

Anyway, yeah I've been busy. There are so much things goin' on.

I'd just like to post some of Anne's photos last night, she can't sleep just yet so I took my camera and took some shots.

I've been trying my hand again on photography.

So I was trying different settings...

While the little girl was so game in posing....

She even changed into her pajamas and was pretending to be asleep...

And then the camera ran out of battery.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Production

Our department has undertaken yet again a new project; this is for the school’s marketing AVP. And being in charge of the production one of my concerns as always is the crowd control because a lot of people most specially the young ones (from the basic education department) doesn’t give a care and goes on running and running all over the place and not to mention there are the people who are just so lost in their thoughts (wondering why did they fail?! Haha) who keeps on walking and walking and then suddenly finding their selves in the middle of my shoot! And believe me it ruins the momentum, not just of the models but of the production crew as well.

So as early as we can, as soon as the auxiliary people gives us a go, we barricade the areas where we are about to hold our shoot, this way it will be easier because people will automatically avoid our area. Well this is say if we can barricade the area because we really need the background in the shoot and we can easily conceal it in the post production, but if we need to see the buildings behind to showcase it, then that is another story.

Good thing there is another device for these kind of requirement. And this is when the velvet rope comes in to our rescue, this way we can control the crowd and at the same time, we will still get the natural background of the area we are shooting, not to mention these velvet ropes are so versatile since we can also use it when we have functions such as Employees' Awards Nights and during our parties. And then we also have some stanchions on stand by if we are to shoot the long lines at the cashiers, dean’s offices and IT center during enrolment time, stanchions gives the impression that no matter how long the lines are, it gives the impression of everything is under control.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Business Matters

Being in an institution that renders services, it is important for us to find ways to render better services to our clients at all times. Good thing we found out about direct TV for business because during enrollment and there are hundreds of people at the lobby of most offices queuing in line to pay fees, get schedules, adjust schedules it is good to have a television to keep the people’s mind off waiting in line for hours!

When one of the administrators called a meeting for us to brain storm on what to do during enrolment season specially, our first and only choice is Direct TV Business because it is a very versatile tool, since our clients are mostly into sports it is like it was tailored to fit our needs!

We noticed that since we had it Directtv business has increased our sales maybe because our clients are recommending us to more people. We are really thankful. So if you are finding ways or innovation in your business go ahead and try Commercial Direct TV surely in no time you will see it’s benefits by experiencing it yourself personally.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Home - a work in progress!

We’d have our home for almost two years now. It’s our first home, it is a home which we can really call ours because each penny we put into building it is hard earned, but of course special mention goes to those people who never gets tired in supporting us in every endeavor we undertake.

The house is already built, painted and moved into, but it doesn’t stop there, a house is a work in progress, it is a constant work, for me it is a therapy when you are out and you see things that will look good in your home, a simple, small décor can do a lot of wonders, in a room really!

Like I requested my helper to put a small garden outside our home, and the small wonder it did in the façade of our house! At first we almost have given up in growing something from that small pile of soil outside our house, but our helper wouldn’t just give up! Every morning and every afternoon, she would water those plants she dug up. And her efforts had paid off! Now my husband has been constantly trimming those plants and I wonder, is he aiming to build hedges from those plants? Well, maybe and I guess those hedges will make a big difference. Pretty soon I expect that my two year old daughter who loves coming out in the morning to pick the small flowers on those plants will want a bird bath on that small garden! His father will be amused, because he hates those small birds, he said that it’s not because he just hates them but what he hates is the thought that those are so small birds that you can crush them in your palm just by merely holding them.

If our small garden is only located inside our yard, it will be a great hang out to entertain family and friends! A barbeque party perhaps or simply hanging out in the swing would be great! Too bad my father didn’t design it that way. For now I will just content myself with what we have, which reminds me, we need a better bed in our room and a couple of new throw pillows and rugs on our receiving area!

Friday, May 29, 2009


I belong to an educational institution wherein we have a lot of events throughout the year. In all these events we always come up with an exhibit because we always want to showcase our talents and achievements, we are one of the oldest colleges in the Philippines and we cannot help it, we are not bragging but being one of the oldest we always have achievements and we are proud of it.

Because we are one of the oldest and prestigious college, oftentimes we are invited to join trade show exhibits most specially when the said exhibit features schools and universities. During these exhibit we arrange a reception table to receive people who are inquiring, I always see to it that the table covers are not just clean and well pressed but it should also be attractive and elegant since it will be the first thing that people will see aside from the other things that we usually display during these exhibits. As much as possible we put an interesting table top display to draw the attention of the crowds like we make a really really good AVP (Audio Visual Presentation) and have a television propped up on top of our table which serves as our table top display and I tell you, it never fails us. I guess this is really the reason why we always hit the projected number of students for every school year.

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