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Monday, July 14, 2008

“In the neighborhood”

Way back in college I have a classmate from India. I never really got the chance to talk to her what she did there; all I know is that she lived there with her family. I’ve always wonder what it is like in India, in San Andres Manila, where my father’s family is from, and where my father’s ancestral house is, lived a Hindu family. I know they are there, in that house, they keep to themselves, and the neighbors don’t bother them I believe since I never see their door open or them receiving any guests, I never see them on the streets either like the other neighbors who are in the streets as soon as the sun sets, chatting with other neighbors.

I was so young then, and even tough I would like to, I never dared spoke with them since I wouldn’t know the India translation to the words they might be speaking since I am pretty sure that they would know only a few English words since I can sometimes overhear them speaking to each other in their own language, now that I don’t go to my grandmother’s house that often I wonder how is that family now, did they get back to India? Maybe I can look up some Hindi translation so in case I see them I can at least greet them in their native tongue and I guess this can be the start of a good friendship.

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