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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Home - a work in progress!

We’d have our home for almost two years now. It’s our first home, it is a home which we can really call ours because each penny we put into building it is hard earned, but of course special mention goes to those people who never gets tired in supporting us in every endeavor we undertake.

The house is already built, painted and moved into, but it doesn’t stop there, a house is a work in progress, it is a constant work, for me it is a therapy when you are out and you see things that will look good in your home, a simple, small décor can do a lot of wonders, in a room really!

Like I requested my helper to put a small garden outside our home, and the small wonder it did in the façade of our house! At first we almost have given up in growing something from that small pile of soil outside our house, but our helper wouldn’t just give up! Every morning and every afternoon, she would water those plants she dug up. And her efforts had paid off! Now my husband has been constantly trimming those plants and I wonder, is he aiming to build hedges from those plants? Well, maybe and I guess those hedges will make a big difference. Pretty soon I expect that my two year old daughter who loves coming out in the morning to pick the small flowers on those plants will want a bird bath on that small garden! His father will be amused, because he hates those small birds, he said that it’s not because he just hates them but what he hates is the thought that those are so small birds that you can crush them in your palm just by merely holding them.

If our small garden is only located inside our yard, it will be a great hang out to entertain family and friends! A barbeque party perhaps or simply hanging out in the swing would be great! Too bad my father didn’t design it that way. For now I will just content myself with what we have, which reminds me, we need a better bed in our room and a couple of new throw pillows and rugs on our receiving area!