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Friday, May 29, 2009


I belong to an educational institution wherein we have a lot of events throughout the year. In all these events we always come up with an exhibit because we always want to showcase our talents and achievements, we are one of the oldest colleges in the Philippines and we cannot help it, we are not bragging but being one of the oldest we always have achievements and we are proud of it.

Because we are one of the oldest and prestigious college, oftentimes we are invited to join trade show exhibits most specially when the said exhibit features schools and universities. During these exhibit we arrange a reception table to receive people who are inquiring, I always see to it that the table covers are not just clean and well pressed but it should also be attractive and elegant since it will be the first thing that people will see aside from the other things that we usually display during these exhibits. As much as possible we put an interesting table top display to draw the attention of the crowds like we make a really really good AVP (Audio Visual Presentation) and have a television propped up on top of our table which serves as our table top display and I tell you, it never fails us. I guess this is really the reason why we always hit the projected number of students for every school year.

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