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Monday, May 31, 2010

David Joseph

I got early to the church as planned, I really don't wanna be late. I can say I was way too early, I arrived an hour before the schedule time but then, it was really my plan because I want to be really ready when the event starts. I want my cameras in "shooting mode" and when I say shooting mode, I want to take shots before the main event starts.

So I took some photos of the facade of the church. It drizzled on my way there thus the clouds overhead looked like this:

and then I might as well take some shots of the facade as well. But I was afraid to stand in the middle of the street since I have no one to watch after me and I was worried that some maniac driver will simply ran over me, so I was contented with this shot:

I guess I was way too early because after a while I was taking shots of the things around me because, I was all by myself and seems like no one is arriving.

I took interest of the clouds;

and then of the other things around me, like the balustrade;

and then of course there's the window....

and then the priest who is about to officiate the christening finally came! And so, I have a new subject:

Father, busied himself watching the on-going construction beside the church.

And when it was almost time, the family came! Yehey! And the baby was fast asleep on his Tita's arms.

More photos will be uploaded at

Friday, May 28, 2010

The little girl can't sleep...


It's been a while since I posted something.

Anyway, yeah I've been busy. There are so much things goin' on.

I'd just like to post some of Anne's photos last night, she can't sleep just yet so I took my camera and took some shots.

I've been trying my hand again on photography.

So I was trying different settings...

While the little girl was so game in posing....

She even changed into her pajamas and was pretending to be asleep...

And then the camera ran out of battery.