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Friday, February 06, 2009

Wella Hair Color

I just want to make an entry about this since it took me a few weeks to look for this and I have gone far and wide to be able to find it, I even asked my friend from Laoag, yeah in Ilocos Norte and another friend from Butuan City to ask the parlor around there if it is available since I got answers such as it is already “phased out”, not available, etc.

And I already gave up and was about to write a letter to my Uncle that the hair color he is used with (since it doesn’t burn/itch his scalp) is already phased out in Manila when my husband found the official site of Wella here in manila and the person who answered me referred me to an official dealer and the hair color was delivered to me the next day, just in time since my Aunt who will bring it back is leaving in two days!

So now, I am an official distributor, ha ha. Just get in touch with me when you need such: Wella Hair Color.

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