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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Digital Times

Part of my task as a graphic artist of our department is to take photos, of activities of people, places and things.

I remember way back in college when we still use film in our Photography class when we use to go to Quiapo to have our black and white films processed into contact prints, oh before it is printed on contact prints the film has to be developed then printed on contact prints, if you want to save some funds choose one to be enlarged and then pray hard that the photo you chose wouldn’t be out of focus or the subject centered, etc.

With the advent of digital cameras, these are now things of the past. Now you can immediately view the photos on the LCD of your camera right after taking it, better yet, you can connect your digicam to a TV monitor better maybe if you are using a LCD TV in your photo studio. By doing this you can immediately see if the photograph you took has some flaws and immediately do remedy on it. In our mini photo studio we have a TV monitor connected to our camera.

When shooting outdoors or on the go, we always take with us our laptop so we can immediately download and view the photographs we took, see the quality high definition photos we took. Because of this very reason that our department see to it that our laptop is readily available to us whenever we have a scheduled photo shoot.

For our Foundation Week celebration this December we are planning to have a mini photo session with the cute little kids from the Elementary Department and we will see to it that our LCD TV will be ready and our laptop too!


At 12:46 PM, Blogger Pinoy Pan de Sal said...

Oist Jenimor, kakatuwa naalala ko ung mga Quiapo days hehe.. Hay those were the days. Ngayon click-click na lang, walang masyadong challenge di tulad dati.
Ganda na ng site mo ah, ako di maasikaso. Walang internet sa bahay hehe..
Oi ano ba yan bakit maestro? I-edit mo nga yan hahaha! Nakakahiya naman parang ang galing-galing ano ba yun panggap lang naman?!
Basta Jhen kumusta na lng ha, ingat kayo lagi nila papa Dzune at cutie-cutie J'ann. Ariba Letran! GROOOWWWLLLL USTE!!!



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