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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nadine’s Christening and other projects.

Well, I consider this one of my major project for this year. I put all my best into the preparation and all the things I wasn’t able to do during my daughter’s christening I did here, he he. Not really all I want of course it is still Nadine’s mommy (my sister) who had the final say.

Accomplished for the Nadine’s Baptism on Saturday, November 15 are the following:

o Church - Shrine of Jesus (The Truth, The Way, The Life)
o Priest - Fr. Orlando Aceron, OP
o Reception - Huey Ying Restaurant MOA Branch
o Cake - Ordered from Goldilocks, to be pick up Saturday
o Photo and Video –courtesy of officemates Davy and Mang Jay
o Giveaways - from Divi, Nadine’s mom and dad personally went there to buy.
o DIY – Invites, Tags for the giveaways, Tarpaulin

Can’t wait for Saturday! I coordinated almost everything for this event (the priest, the photo and video coverage, the reception) and I pray all turns out fine, now I have to prepare my daughter and my Mom, they have to look good too of course this also their day. The only thing I haven’t done is to buy the candles and drop the tarpaulin at the reception venue so my friend, Kleng who owns the restaurant will be the one to set it up on Saturday and that would be one less thing for me to worry about.

On a side note, our department is “cooking” up a major project for this year. And this is the launching of the school’s Hymns, Yells and Cheers album. The target date of launching is on the alumni homecoming, which will be on November 22. I did the design of the layout of the album’s cover and I am happy with I did. I can’t wait to see the final output.

Oh and by the way, the latest addition to the Lao clan is here, last November 4, Dzune’s cousin’s wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Austin. Such a cutie, Albert’s family is really beginning to grow. More of Austin’s photos here


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