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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shameless plug...

I deal with computer graphic designs for eleven (11) years now.

It all started when I was employed with Letran. And I remember when I was just starting, my first software to use is Photoshop version 5.5. Looking back, I can say that I have come a long long way. The latest version of Photoshop now is CS3.

The first person who really gave me a break is Fr. Ed Alaurin, in 1998. Fr. Ed was the head of the Athletics department of the Colegio then and that year, Letran is the host for the NCAA season. Fr. Ed, asked me to design the cover of the souvenir program then. I remember I used Coreldraw, and there were times when I had to go to a computer shop to do the design, and there are times when I have to "harass" my friend, Phonam. She really helped me a lot during those times and then I can say that she is really the one who encouraged me to learn the tool.

Fast forward. After that event I became "known" in the campus. Some would approach me to design this and that for the school, and until came a time when the head of the HR department, whom then became a really good friend, approached me to ask if I can design their wedding invitation. Which I did. After that she soon gave birth and soon she was asking me to design her daughter's christening invitation. From then on people would approach me. Funny thing is that when it came to my daughter's christening, my husband and Davy, Anne's ninong and my officemate didn't give me the opportunity to design an invitation for her. Our preparation for Anne's christening is two days. Well, I make up to it during her first birthday naman.

So then, people would almost always approach me asking me to design almost everything. There are times when people I don't know would call asking if I could design their souvenir program and when I asked how did they know about me, they say the printing press who printed my previous work, referred me to them. So I guess, there is something in my work.

I am a minimalist when I do designs. The simpler, the better. Lately, I realized, why am I being modest about it, I might as well, earn from this so called skill I have in design. So here I go, since it always boils down to one thing, people asking me to design something for them, why don't I officially make this my "raket". So I'm turning my multiply to my "raket" site.

Feel free to come and see, maybe I can do something for you.


At 7:50 PM, Blogger rheaangela said...

hi jenn,
i've got a tag for you in my blog at € hope $you have a great weekend! take care!$

At 7:45 PM, Blogger Ed Alaurin, OP said...

Hello Jenn! I accidentally came across your "anecdote". I never thought I was "instrumental" hehehe. I am now assigned at UST College of Fine Arts and Design...Fr. ED


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