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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

SPh@Nuel 03.23.08

This is our first wedding attendance for the year of 2008 and indeed it was special. Shane had been my friend for years now. She was my MBA buddy.

The bride was radiant in her Inno Sotto gown. It was indeed a day of celebration. The Lord has risen! Paul and Shane decided to start their new life as a married couple on this especial day.

I am glad that these two were able to pull off their wedding! I remember not long before their engagement here was Shane via text message telling me that the wedding is off, and I was laughing while reading her message, because I have been there and I know how the wedding preparations can put strains in the relationship. Same with us, we almost called off our wedding plans!

Paul was all smiles when I saw him at San Agustin Church, he was telling me “Dapat maganda yan (referring to Shane) kung hindi isosoli ko yan! Ang tagal ko naghintay!” (She must look really good or else I will return her, I have been waiting for too long!) They have been on the BF-GF mode for seven (7) years. And indeed Shane, the bride was stunning when she got off from the bridal car and did her bridal walk! And believe it or not, it was Paul, the groom in tears! I hardly see men cry and when I do, my heart melts! Ha Ha!

The ceremony was quick and direct to the point, meaning the priest immediately jumped in the marriage rites. I mean maybe it is really like this when you don’t know the priest personally, maybe because they don’t know what to say in the homily. The wedding ceremony soon over in an hour, Paul and Shane finally married! Hoorah!!!

Reception was at the Maynila Ballroom of the Manila Hotel and it was beautiful! The dress up was fit for the occasion! Cocktails were served in the adjacent hall and my friends and I had a good time in the FabPhoto booth! We kept coming back for more!

The food was real good and free flowing! And we were full to the max! The lechon from Elar’s melts in your mouth!

Seeing the photos presented during the reception program taken by no less than Chito Cleofas himself brought back memories of my own wedding almost three (3) years ago and there were almost tears in my eyes seeing Paul and Shane’s photos. Chito is really good and for me he even got better! Oh well, Chito is the best!

The on-site video by threelogy was something to look forward too since I really wanted to see what went on before the wedding. And if only I don’t have Anne and I am not a busy mom I would have gone ahead at the hotel to be with Shane during her preparations, just like what I do to when my friends gets married.

My husband Dzune could not believe that a video can be edited that fast! Oh well I told him that it is indeed possible and if only we had enough budget during our wedding we could have gotten threelogy also and an on-site video at that. But during our wedding I scrimped on the budget for the video because photographs were more important to me.

Oh and at the last minute I was asked by Shane to deliver the speech for them during the reception. Thanks to HRH (his royal highness) Jjun Bana who helped me prepare my message. I was confident with my message because it was exactly what I wanted to tell Shane and Paul, but as I hear the host, Mallory call my name, I got nervous.

My message to Paul and Shane, which I know by heart, says:

“I met the bride, Shane in Graduate School, and hit it off quite quickly especially out of the classroom. We’ve been friends since then. With her friendship, the demands of graduate studies were made doubly fun and challenging. I’m happy to see you married my friend! Seven (7) years it worth the wait, I’m sure! I wish you both good health and happiness, as I believe that all else follows when you are healthy, you are happy. Congratulations and best wishes!”

Truly, I continued graduate studies because of the friends I gained there. And if there is really one thing that I am truly happy with, I gained friends in graduate studies.

All in all I can say that the wedding was a huge success. Everything paid off as Shane has said it. I can’t wait to see more of the photos; I told Shane that when she goes to Chito’s office I would go with her so I can finally get our wedding album.

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