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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We are sick

I guess it's the weather.

I've been sick for a week now. Not to mention Baby Anne is sick too. She is better now I guess, been giving her cough meds. I hope she continues to recuperate. It's hard when a baby is sick. Yesterday she turned 15 months. But because I've been sick and let's say I've been taking things easy at home, I didn't cook her the usual pansit (noodles) I guess I will have to make up to her but we have plans for the weekend.

We will be going over to my in-laws, they will be celebrating I think their 37th wedding anniversary. Wow! I really admire them for that! Imagine being married for 37 years and counting. I wish they will have more anniversaries to celebrate. I bet they are also looking forward to seeing Anne on that day. It's been months since we went home to the house in Balut. We are having a busy schedule. Dzune is enrolled in Graduate School and he has classes all day Saturday, (as in until 9pm) and we only get to spend the day together on Sundays, and I cannot travel alone with Anne. She is a handful. So I cannot bring her to my in-laws on my own. I guess, we will just make it up to them on the days that we don't work, like this coming Holy Week. 


At 3:43 PM, Blogger anna said...

hopefully both of you are okey now. have a great weekend :)


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