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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Anne's Red Riding Hood Potrait

This still has some sort of connection to Anne’s birthday party.

I was thinking, how Anne’s is growing up fast and I know in a few months she will outgrow her Red Riding Hood costume. During her birthday celebration, she really didn’t have a portrait in it. So I know I need to have her portrait taken, the question was where? And how?

Though part of my work is taking photos, I don’t want to be the one to take her portrait, because I don’t want to take chances he he. But I ended up, with hubby’s nudging, asking why don’t I take Anne’s portrait.

With Anne’s gear and stuff, we head on to my office on the day of my birthday. My birthday last year (December 20) fell on a weekday and I took the day off though I know that it is one of the busiest day in school, December is Foundation month celebration for Letran so on my birthday, several activities were on schedule, the Bingo Socials and the Arriba Fest. So as soon as I arrived, I prepared Anne, changed into her costume and then, there was my boss, calling me for something that needs my immediate attention (I guess it was to design something, a presentation for the Christmas party which will be the next day)

Good thing that ninong Davy was around. He ended up taking Anne’s portrait. I was so happy with the output! I never thought that Davy has such patience with little kids! The only regret I have here is that when I returned the photo session was finished and we were not able to have some family photos taken.

Anne’s photos can be seen here.


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