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Friday, May 12, 2006

My two pink stripes

Got a new ticker today! A countdown to the arrival of our first child. We came to know of our pregnancy last Easter. My expected date of delivery is December 9 of this year which is only a few days after my Mom's birthday and a few weeks before my birthday. My mom and the entire family just can't wait... We will be having our second visit with my OB next week, I have taking vitamins and taking it all easy, I hope to continue having an easy time with my pregnancy, so far, no nausea, no throwing-up, all I ever do is sleep and eat, it's like I am a bottomless pit. I know I should start to control my eating habits soon, maybe after the first trimester which is the critical stage of pregnancy, I just want our baby to be healthy, I am really praying hard for this.


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