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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Wrappin' up the month of March

How time flies.

March is ending and our baby Anne will be 16 months soon.

Oftentimes I find myself asking where did the time go. As if it is only yesterday when I gave birth to this tiny baby girl who looks so fragile her Tatay wouldn’t carry her. And there was I also, having a baby sleeping beside me is too foreign, I find myself so careful I might crush my angel. I became a light sleeper every since I gave birth. 

But now, at 15 months Anne flails, kicks, goes round and round and round while asleep. Oh well, she is so hyper even when asleep I wonder if that’s normal with babies her age. Well anyway, as most people would say that it’s healthier.

To cap off the month of March, let me look back to all the happenings on this month. 

March 7, was the service awards for employees who rendered 5,10, 15, 20 years of service to the Colegio . This includes myself, ten years awardee and hubby, five years awardee.

Then on March 10 and 11, Jayson and Cha-Cha, Jayson is my brother celebrated their birthdays. But unlike last year there wasn’t any celebration for this year. Last year we agreed to to the pamamanhikan. This is the occasion wherein the family of the groom goes to the family of the girl and formally asks for the hand of their daughter for marriage. We celebrated the occasion with dinner at our friend, Kleng’s Huey Ying Restaurant at Seaside Macapagal.

On March 16, which is Sunday Tatay and Nanay, my in-laws celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary. Most of the Adriano family members were present. But I believe our most special guest of all was Julius and her GF Tin-Tin. Julius is my husband, Dzune’s childhood friend and I am glad he is able to come on this special occasion. 

On March 23, Easter Sunday we attended our first wedding for the year, Paul and Shane’s at San Agustin Church. The event was a total success and I am very happy about it since most of the suppliers Shane got from me. Who also was our supplier for our wedding. I am really glad that all of them delivered well and as Shane said it, everything paid off.

More weddings to come for this year. Sonny and Portia on July 19 and Phonam and Richard's on August 8. Not to mention Dzune's cousin Pam and Jason's wedding on May.

I capped off the month of March with a date with my girlfriend, Shane yesterday. We went to Chito to get the cd of the photos taken during their wedding and a dinner at Pancake House. Shane says we should do it often. I mean havin’ a girls night out.

As a new month begins, I am looking forward to a fun filled month! Watch out for what we are cookin' up for this month!


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