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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Watch me grow.

The babies born the same month (November) last year are now celebrating their birthdays. It’s just funny that it’s as if yesterday I was doing the layout of the invitation for their christening and now here am I doing their first birthday invitation layout. After all these years, suki pa din ako sa kasal, binyag, first birthdays, and there was one, my inaanak, AJ, (daughter of I can say one of our closest friend, Kuya Bong and Mareng Nym,) seventh birthday invitation na ginawa ko for her.

Hay, I’m getting old and yet it’s really fun seeing, watching these children grow. Next time it will be my own daughter, Anne’s turn to turn seven. Naku, ngayon pa lang things are buzzing inside my head when I think of my princess turning seven. And I can’t wait. Kung pwede nga lang, I mean if I can only splurge maybe every year I will be throwing a themed birthday for her but that would be too much and her Tatay wouldn’t forgive me if I do that every year. For now I am happy to the highest level (ha ha) that Anne’s first birthday celebration with the theme RED riding hood was a huge success and those we invited still talks about it.

Carl Andrei, son of the head of our department, Carol and Amiel. His christening invite:

and his first birthday invitation:

Big boy na noh? And such a cutie! Parang girl in this photo taken by his dad, his Mom complaining that her in-laws wouldn't allow her to have that hair cut kasi wala pa daw one.

And here naman Jenareign's christening invite:

Jenareign was born premature. Her mom, Marichu is my best friend and former office mate, she was my officemate till she was transferred to the Dean’s office last 2006. I call Jenna her mom’s miracle baby. Chumar as we fondly call her was already married for ten years before her mom got pregnant. Chumar was on bed rest during her entire pregnancy. I guess all those sacrifice of being not able to work was worth the wait especially for a couple that waited ten years to have a child. Jenareign, her name from Jesus of Nazareth reigns, her mom told me that before she got pregnant she said a novena to Jesus of Nazareth, the after a month, she was pregnant. Prayers can really do wonders.

Now look how much she has grown up! The first time we saw her since she was premature nga, she was so small, sabi nga naming parang kuting but from a tiny baby medyo malaki na sya ngayon and we are so happy just seeing her, after all, kadamay kami ng mommy nya in waiting, Chumar and I was in the same department for nine years! I almost cried when she told me she is pregnant.

Now, she is one:

Oh and on a side note, my own niece will be christened on November 15, of course sino pa ba ang gagawa ng invite but her nanay. Here are the studies that I presented her Mommy (my sister) so far:


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