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Thursday, October 23, 2008

My first Correlle

A gift from my husband, I was telling him. An advance anniversary gift.

Yeah, next month on the 23rd to be exact is our third year wedding anniversary. Time surely flies, it’s as if it’s only yesterday when we were planning for our wedding. I can remember vividly the different emotions I have gone through during the wedding preparations. Our wedding, which coincides with two other family activities, Lola Orang’s 90th birthday celebration and Tito Sammy and Tita Lucy’s 25th wedding anniversary and renewal of vows. The preparations for the latter were tasked to no one else but yours truly.

Anyway, back to the topic. Corelle is one of the famous brands when it comes to dinnerware. We really want to have a set of Corelle dinnerware for everyday use so when my husband saw the it is on sale, he decided right then and there to buy me a set! For Php 2,500 it was really a steal!

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Actually Dzune grew up in a household where they use no less that Corelle dinnerware for everyday use. My mother in law has several sets of it, and the one they are using for everyday, they’ve had it for years, so long that I don’t know if that kind of pattern is still available, that’s why everytime I had a maid which I brought with us to my in-laws and she has to wash the dishes, I always remind them to be careful for we won’t be able to replace the plates in case one is broken and I tell you, the ones in my in-laws doesn’t have any chips or breakage, it is almost like new.

I am just glad that we bought these. My husband’s words when we used it for the first time: “Feels like I am back home in the house in Balut” and if it makes him happy, then I am happier, of course this is a long time investment since I expect to be using it for a long time. And in this group that I belong to, N@W I read long ago when I was still pregnant with my daughter Anne, one of the tips from one of my N@Wie sisters was to invest in good dinnerware like Corelle when you are starting to teach your child to eat so you don’t have to worry that the plates might break. And I guess it’s true, since my daughter started to eat solids, I never really let her use plastic wares, she uses whatever we use and I guess this encourages her to eat on her own, because now at 1 year and 10 months she does eat on her own, sometimes she doesn’t finish everything and there are times when she plays with her food but my point here is she eats on her own unlike other kids who still needs an adult to assist them so they can eat.


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