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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Our Home

It’s been a year and a half since we moved in into a house that we can call our own. For a year before we’ve had our daughter Anne, we used to rent in a pretty little yellow apartment just a stone throw away from my in-laws.

When we started with the construction of our house, since my husband is very hands-on with it, the first tool that he bought was a power grinder since he said that it will really come handy since there was a lot of tiles to be installed in the new house and in the long run, I believed him since we were also be able to use the grinder with the stairs of our bedroom which is made out of wood. These days the grinder comes in handy whenever our kitchen knives needs sharpening and I tell you, my knives do sharpen really nicely!

Now that our home is almost complete, the only thing needed is a painting job we know that the choice of color is very important here because it will make wonders to the part of the house which is in need of a painting job, in this case it our bedroom that’s why it is really important since this is where we rest and play with our daughter. Whenever we are at home, we stay in our room most of the time. So until we finalize everything we are not buying any house painting supplies yet. Wish us luck with our project!

Our unfinished home


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