The best is yet to come... prayers...God made everything happen...He let love to flow so freely that it comes so natural for us to love each other.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fixing a broken heart

Nothing-new here.

I take a short break here. To remember my father, I pause.

It’s been almost four (4) years since we lost him. But still, the pain, the emptiness is still here. I wonder how do you really get over a loss? When my friend Me-ann lost his father months ago, she told me when I went to see her on her father’s wake: “Mama, Jhen kailangan turuan mo ako” (Mama Jhen, you need to teach me) and I ponder, how can I teach someone when I myself haven’t learned anything. Many people said time will heal the pain. But the pain doesn’t go away, it’s still here. I maybe laughing outside but there are still nights when I find myself crying over losing my father. This most specially triggers when I look at my little girl at night, it reminds me of how much my father loves little kids, and if he was here I know he will be bowled over with his first “apo”, i believe they will be inseparable and my Papa would have spoiled her rotten! If only he was here….