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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Production

Our department has undertaken yet again a new project; this is for the school’s marketing AVP. And being in charge of the production one of my concerns as always is the crowd control because a lot of people most specially the young ones (from the basic education department) doesn’t give a care and goes on running and running all over the place and not to mention there are the people who are just so lost in their thoughts (wondering why did they fail?! Haha) who keeps on walking and walking and then suddenly finding their selves in the middle of my shoot! And believe me it ruins the momentum, not just of the models but of the production crew as well.

So as early as we can, as soon as the auxiliary people gives us a go, we barricade the areas where we are about to hold our shoot, this way it will be easier because people will automatically avoid our area. Well this is say if we can barricade the area because we really need the background in the shoot and we can easily conceal it in the post production, but if we need to see the buildings behind to showcase it, then that is another story.

Good thing there is another device for these kind of requirement. And this is when the velvet rope comes in to our rescue, this way we can control the crowd and at the same time, we will still get the natural background of the area we are shooting, not to mention these velvet ropes are so versatile since we can also use it when we have functions such as Employees' Awards Nights and during our parties. And then we also have some stanchions on stand by if we are to shoot the long lines at the cashiers, dean’s offices and IT center during enrolment time, stanchions gives the impression that no matter how long the lines are, it gives the impression of everything is under control.

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