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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Our Church

Funny that we are booking our Church today, March 23 -- a Wednesday exactly 8 months before our wedding day....November 23.

Long before pa naisip ni Dzune na papakasalan nya talaga ako, dalawang simbahan lang talaga ang gusto ko. Sto. Domingo Church in Quezon Ave. dahil isa lang yata ang kilala ko na "order". Studying in UST, a dominican institution then working in Letran (also a dominican institution) akala ko noon, lahat ng pari (priests) eh O.P. ang nakalagay sa dulo ng pangalan. Once I was asked by my bosing, (Fr. Joemar) to make a layout of a streamer kasi we have an alumni na na-ordain bilang pari and he will have his thanksgiving mass in Letran (si Fr. Rufino "Jun" Sescon) I remember asking, "Father, O.P. din po?" na tinawanan nila ng isang ka-officemate ko. Kasi hindi pala lahat ng pari eh O.P. (Order ng mga Pogi...he he...seriously, Order of Preachers). So yun, Sto. Domingo is one of my choices kasi every year since I joined Letran, nagsisimba kami dito especially when it's our "day" during October and since I Dzune and I started going steady, we never fail to join the La Naval Procession every October. Take note, ako I've been doing this for about 8 years this year ha pero ang Mahal ko, since he was a student in high school, dito rin sa Letran. Kaya Sto. Domingo, Our Lady of La Naval is really close to my heart. Pero if I am to get married here, I prefer it to be in the month of October...

Sa Malate Church naman, nagagandahan na talaga ko dito eversince. I remember watching my friend Nympha, marching down the aisle of this church years ago...tapos dito pa kami madalas magsimba ni My Love at tsaka feeling ko, ewan ko baka "magic" pag dito ako nagsisimba me mga magandang nangyayari sa yun, Malate Church and oo nga pala, gusto din ni Nanay (my future mother-in-law) tong simbahan and gusto ko talaga siyang mapagbigyan eh... simbahan na kami....kakasal na talaga kami. Totoo na talaga ito....ang saya....

"Our Lady of Remedies Parish, more popularly known as the Malate Catholic Church. A famous tourist attraction in the heart of Malate, because of it's unique architecture the Malate Mission was under the patronage of Nuestra Señora delos Remedios."