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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Fabulous DJ!

It's been quite sometime since I posted here...

Been busy with married life (washing clothes, doing the dishes, ironing, the works!) ha ha. Oh well, I've been busy, with a lot of things. But this never stopped me from attending seminars and workshops...

And last Sunday March 12, I had a chance to again listen to the fabulous Dominique James talk this time on Wedding Photography. Which reminded me, I'd like to share the tips he shared and I know you will be asking why, well it's like this, about this same month last year I also heard Chito Cleofas commented on this and this is the very reason why I'm sharing this here.

So here goes...

Secrets in coming up with good photos:
1. Relax the face.
2. Chin down.
3. Eyes.
4. Hands and Fingers.

I really don't know, DJ says relax the face well what I did was simple think and get ready because I know that I was to be photographed. On putting your chin down, well some people doesn't like it this way because it results to having double chins instead but