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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shoes Galore

I love shoes ! I have a fetish for them! As much as possible I try to wear the right shoes for the right activity or occassion. Like if I am to go running or playing badminton with my friends, I wear running or badminton shoes respectively, because it’s not just because it is the required shoes but it also serves a your protection, like in playing badminton, they also have a different floor and if you just wear any kind of shoes then you might slip and hurt yourself so wearing the right shoes is a must for protection purposes.

Months before my wedding, the first thing that I bought are my wedding shoes because I know that I will be doing a lot of walking on that day and the fact that I don’t want to create a scene by slipping as I walk down the aisle, remember wearing a gown with the wrong shoes is a major disaster ! Remember, you want people to remember your wedding in a nice way, sure this includes funny, hilarious moments but not at the expense of you sliding your way to the altar because you slipped or you don’t want to remember your wedding day like “Oh yes how can I forget by the time the reception is almost over, my feet were killing me!” In my case since I had the right shoes, I was so comfortable walking from table to table, and I enjoyed posing with friends until all of it ended, I can even dance back at the hotel room!

Having the right shoes for the right, let’s say “occasion” is pretty important to me, so now that the rainy season is in I am contemplating on what to get, maybe a really stylish rain boots will be truly useful!