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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

the (missing????) rings...

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Friday, January 20, 2006

The final judgment....Part 1

DzuneJenn’s Suppliers rating
Married on a bright and fresh new day of November 23, 2005
At Our Lady of Remedies Parish (Malate Catholic Church)


10 highest, 1 lowest
+++++++ - Exceeded expectations
***** - Supplier got from w@w

1. INVITATION - ***** Printed Matter
Contact Person: Phoebe Chua
Office Address: 9 Saragoza St. Araneta Ave. QC.
Tel. No.: 715-6338 / 715-5124
Peso Power: Php 7,931
Inclusions: 49 pcs. main invitation non-matte, 54 pcs. Clear envelope, 27 pcs main invitation matte front, 3 main invitation matte al sidesl, 27 pcs. White envelope with flap, 15 pcs. Entourage cards non-matte, 3 pcs. ento card matte, 1 additional page in matte,50pcs. tags, Php 1000 design fee 2 pcs. for mock-up


Each time a friend or acquaintance of mine gets married I am often requested to “design” (he he design-designan lang naman!) their invites. Kaya naman I vowed (vowed daw oh!) that someday when my turns come to get married hindi ako ang gagawa ng invitation ko! (ako, ako lagi na lang ako). Kaya happy ako when my friend Ben said that he will take care of the design for our invitations basta bahala lang akomaghanap ng printer to do it, and it’s a big bonus that I found out about this supplier through w@w and first saw their works at the bridal exhibit in Megamall last I think that was around June last year. I browsed through their sample invites and I particularly liked a booklet type of invite since it’s an all in one invite and can carry all information about the wedding.

Guests who received the invitation were all saying how unique and cute it was. Most of them would say that it’s their first time to receive this style of invite which make me rate it this high.

I never thought that I’d find a supplier that can do pop-up invitations. I wanted to have something “out of the box” for our invitations and I was thinking of the pop-up style which I first saw when my college friends Monching and Chinky got married, they DIY their pop-up invitations, as in cut-out, glue here and there, draw the faces and all. I was thinking I can do the same but I don’t have enough time in my hands, with 3 occasions (our wedding, Dzune’s Tita’s renewal of vows and Dzune’s Lola’s 90th birthday party) to get ready for. Good thing one w@wie (Sino nga ba yung first design na pop-up nila Phoebe, si Tin ni Archie nga ba?) posted about getting her pop-up invite made at Printed Matter. There were no photos of the said invite posted so what I did was

Ben , my college friend was the one who originally made our vector portrait but this wasn’t the one used in our invitation. Sabi kasi ni Kathy (artist ng Printed) they have different style and it might look like Frankenstein if she uses the portrait made by Ben and she also says that “masyado detailed yung portrait na gawa ni Ben ”. I understand naman, being an artist (he he parang totoo, arte-artehan lang po!) I know that minsan instead na dugtungan mo ang work ng ibang tao mas maganda pa na ulitin mo na lang lahat. Yun nga lang, I like Ben ’s work better because the caricature looks just like us while the work of Kathy, si husband ko lang ang kamukha ng caricature.

The cover of the invites I made myself, this is what I want so it would be the same monogram I used for the misallette covers. One of my friends commented that the design made the invitations look real elegant! (*blush* thank you!)

front of invites Originally uploaded by jennifermorente.

Price, I should say is affordable sa Printed and I can say that they work fast especially if you have a ready made design which you only need printed. High quality din and I like it that they have this matte lamination ok na ok to sa akin since ako mahilig magtago ng mga invitations for future reference and wala lang basta andami ko na natabi, pag may matte mas matagal at mas maganda preservation nung card.

Ano ba ang cons dito, layo ng office nila and if you don’t have a private transport mahirap magpunta. Tapos during the time I was following up to get our invites, almost wedding na din ni Phoebe so I guess “nawawala siya sa sarili”at times, there was a time when we went to get the mock-up, when I opened it, the pop-up caricature wasn’t there and since we paid for it ( 110 din yun!) I left that particular invitation with her with instructions that they finish it and I will get it together with the other invites. Buti na lang I counted the invites and found out that instead of having 76 pcs. I only have 75, and when I reminded Phoebe na ang kulang eh yung mock-up, she cant remember na iniwan ko sa kanya yun for completion and hindi na nya mahanap. Kaya what she did what refund me 60 pesos which is dapat 110 pero hindi na lang ako nagreklamo kasi ayoko na ng discussion. And then there was a time when I called their office (I usually call before I go since mahirap nga pumunta sa kanila) to ask if ready for pick-up na lahat ng invites, ayoko kasi ng balik-balik kasi nga malayo sila puntahan and Phoebe said yes, so I went there the next day and when I arrived sabi nya hindi pa tapos, mga 1hour pa kasi cutting pa lang, hay, yun I ended up getting 25pcs lang and went back for the other invites na lang. Mahal din ang envelope nila, if you have the time to do it yourself gawa na lang kayo, with me nga since I have limited time I just bought their clear envelopes and have some tags printed then I printed the names of the guests in transparent stickers then punched holes in the tags and tied it around the invitations using raffia ties I bought at Simplejoys.

a. MATERIALS – MTA Bridal Boutique

Address: Pasilio C4-5 Cluster Bldg., Tutuban Center
Peso Power: Php 120 per yard - Two tone satin
Php 20 per yard - Lining

SEWING – Mama Cora
Address: Masambong, San Francisco Del Monte, Q.C.

Inclusion: 5 dresses for flowergirls, 1 dress for maid of honor, 3 secondary sponsors, 5 bridesmaids, 2 dresses for junior bridesmaids, 1 dress for Tita Ninang Carol, 1 bride’s dress during preps (green) and bridal gown and train, 2 secondary veil, 1 pair of pillows

Though I had a hard time coming back and forth to pick-up, follow up on the dresses, I can’t really give my Tita a failing mark because everyone in the entourage liked their dresses! I picked out the style, simple tea-length dress for the bridesmaids, secondary sponsors, without beadworks, simple styles for the flower girls. Even my husband’s cousins from the US who just emailed me their measurements doesn’t have any complain when they tried on their dress and my other cousins was saying how much they like their dress and that it looked good on them. So I guess this is just a fair enough rating. My gown is another story…

MATERIALS - Maria-Haidee Textile

Address: C10 & 11 Tutuban Center Bldg. I,
C.M. Recto, Tondo Manila
Peso Power: Php 150 per yard – Gazar

SEWING – Mama Cora
Address: Masambong, San Francisco Del Monte, Q.C.

I never expected this. When I got my gown November 19, 4 days before my wedding even my Mom almost have tears in her eyes “Bakit ganyan lang ginawa ni Mama mo, sobrang simple.” It was as if I am just wearing a Sunday dress only that it has a very long train. As in very minimal beadwork on the dress itself though the train has very good beadworks, the concern was with my dress! And the sides of the dress wasn’t really yun bang nakalapat ang pagkatahi, medyo bukol siguro kasi sa dami ng tinahi ni Mama naiwan na yung gown ko and nagmamadali na din (mag-isa lang naman kasi siya, wala siyang tagaburda) naiiyak talaga ako kasi in a way naiisip ko nagpabaya din siya because I bought the fabric and started giving her the money to buy whatever she needs to make the gown February pa lang.

This is another story...

Contact Person: Edd Sy
Address: #122 J.P. Rizal St. corner Delos Reyes St.
Project 4, Quezon City
Tel. No’s: 913-7072 / 421-6493
Telefax: 439-0622
Mobile: 0916-9472928
Peso Power: Php 6,500 for beadworks, repairs and dry cleaning

So with 4 days to go, I cannot just sit down and cry, my mind was telling me to act, do something, so I put my gown inside the car and called Dzune to fetch me and help me find someone or something, anything, di ko talaga alam and nung day na yun was the renewal of vows of Dzune’s Tita at Sto. Domingo Church, abay din siya and I still have to find a dress to wear for that occasion (something red kasi yun ang motif and I’d like to look good because it is the first occasion ng family nila na andun sila lahat and I will be meeting them all, diba kasi month of occasions for their family ang November kaya nga dun din kami pakakasal) so Dzune and I went first to his Tita’s condo in Pioneer to check if the make-up artist is already there and if the flowers for the entourage was already delivered (ako din kasi naghanap ng suppliers for them since they are both staying the US) then seeing that everything was good we went to SM North (dahil malapit nay un pauwi sa kanila and he has to go home to dress up for the wedding) to look for a dress for me to wear to Tita Baby’s wedding. Dzune was thinking that we should go home and ask for the help of my mother in law because she might know someone who can do the additional beadworks for my gown.

Immediately upon entering the mall we saw that there was a mini-bridal fair, gowns by Edward Teng was on display (and naisip ko punta kaya ako kay Edward Teng kasi naisip ko what happened to a fellow w@wie, si Grade Dy) and sa medyo unahan/entrance ng exhibit meron din gowns on display by Edd Sy. I pointed one on display saying “ganyan dapat ang gown ko, ganyan ang gusto ko, kasya ba sa akin yan baka pwede ko mahiram, magkano kaya ang pagawa ng ganyan..” Lumapit pa ako sa display and picked up one of the flyers na nasa baba nung display. The flyer consists of the contact details as well as the package breakdown, etc. nakita ko some gowns costs 22,000 and naiiyak na ako kasi in 4 days, mag-aaditional expense pa ba ako ng 22k tsaka makakagawa pa ba sila ng kasukat ko in 4 days. So my husband told me, that we should at least eat something first so we could think, so we went to a fastfood (ayoko halos eat!) and as Dzune was ordering something for us, naisip ko, why don’t I try to text these numbers. So nagtext ako, sabi ko ang ganda ng creation on display, about how much ba yun, which Edd promptly texted back saying how much, etc. Naeengganyo ako magtext kasi text back agad siya. So I sent another message, sabi ko “What about if I already have my gown, it just need additional beadworks, gumagawa ba kayo and about how much so I’d know if it fits my budget.” I wasn’t expecting any reply pero nagtext back pa din saying “Yes, gumagawa kami ng beadworks lang, we have to see the gown to know how much to charge.” After reading that I texted back and dropped the bomb, sabi ko “ Talaga, but my wedding is on November 23, (Wednesday) kaya pa ba yun?” Grabe kaba ko while waiting for a reply, I was expecting a text message saying, no, naloloka ka na ba, etc. etc! Then came a reply: “Oh my mama! Kailangan mo na dalhin dito ASAP!!!!” Nabuhayan ako ng loob and I wanted to go immediately na sa shop nila pero since we have a wedding to attend, pumunta muna kami sa umuwi muna kami and went to Sto. Domingo.

Naku, halos di ko naiintindinhan ang ceremony. Basta I arranged the processional of the entourage, inayos ko yung mga readers and gave them the signal when its their turn tapos guide ko din secondary sponsors hanggang pictorials na and hindi na ako nagpapicture lumalabas na ako ng Sto. Domingo iniwan ko na si Dzune nagpapalitrato with the other members of the ento, hindi na ako mapalagay eh.

Papunta na kami sa office nila Edd Sy when I though of sending a message muna dahil baka wala na kami abutan. Nagtext si
Edd saying until 7pm lang pala sila pag Saturday and it was already mga 630 pm. So nalungkot nanaman ako, sabi ko siguro it’s not meant to be. Pero my ever cool husband called Nagtext si Edd, di ko alam ano talaga sinabi niya, basta ang narinig ko lang, “humihingi kami ng tulong sa’yo.” And after speaking to him sabi na ni Dzune they will meet us at the Wedding Library Store sa SM North!!!

We arrived sa mall around 730, we waited until about 9pm. I thought Nagtext si
Edd changed his mind and they wont be coming anymore pero a few minutes before 9 sabi nya nasa wedding library na siya! So ayun, tinignan nya yung gown, pag-open ko pa lang ng box tapos niladlad ko yung damit sabi nya, so yan na yun, gown na tawag dyan. He explained that dapat hindi bumubukol-bukol yung pagkatahi and kailangan pa daw irepair yun tapos kailangan kahit paano lagyan ng shape kasi kahit daw may katawan ako ganun daw yun, tapos lalagyan ng beadworks, tinuro nya saan parts para daw maconcentrate of one side ang design and maging bursting siya. Pati sleeves needs additional beadings and up to the back of the gown daw, totally different gown daw yun pag nagawa nya, Edd Sy creation na.Then he said I should put on the gown since they are also repairing it kasi dapat daw papagawa na din eh todo na, you know what, I haven’t gone back to thank them, isipin mo saan ako magpapalit ng damit sa loob ng Wedding Library , but the staff there ever helpful, cleared their stock room para dun ako magbihis. Gusto ko maiyak!!!! Marami pa ding mabubuting tao sa mundo. Pati pins para i-tuck yung mga rerepair hinanapan nila dun sa store. Naku talaga….so yun, sabi ni Edd for pick-up daw Tuesday (November 22) night and I shouldn’t worry kasi magagawa siya and ipapa-overtime. Hay, medyo nakahinga ako.

RATING: 10+++++

Ikakasal na kami the next day, Dzune was still on the road to pick-up my gown and bring it to Diamond Hotel. When I arrived at the hotel the gown was already hanging inside the closet and ang ganda talaga, hindi ako makapaniwala, ang daming beadworks!!! Ang kintab, ang ganda, iba na siya, mukha ng gown!! Tapos accessories were all inside an Edd Sy box, he even gave me a very long veil kasi daw wala daw gawa si Edd Sy na “chaka” and I should use a veil made by them instead. Even my Mom was surprised when she saw it.

On my wedding day, everyone was saying panalo ang gown ko, hindi daw ako galit sa beads! He he! Sa mga nagtatanong sino gumawa ng gown ko ang sagot ko Edd Sy! Very thankful ako to this person who has a golden heart na tumulong sa akin….naiiyak ako kapag naiisip ko, ang ganda ng beading ng gown ko, malinis, pulido ang pagkagawa, malinis din talaga ang gown. Hay ang ganda talaga ng damit ko, I look at it every chance I get. Highly recommended ko si Edd Sy kasi very accommodating siya, super bait talaga. I haven’t gone back there to personally this person. He really has a big heart!

my gown with its long, square edged train
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i. Mega Solo
– for my two brother’s Jayson and Jeffrey, cousin Albert and Uncle Ninong Bert
Address: Stall D-05 Cluster Bldg. Tutuban Center
Peso Power: Php 450 piña jusi barong material

ii. Baby’s Bridal Embroidery Shop - for my father-in-law and our Uncle Ninong Larry
Address: New Ylaya Textile Market
In front of Tambunting Pawnshop
Peso Power: Php 650 piña jusi barong material

***For my husband’s barong material I forgot the name of the store and the stall number… kasi ikot-ikot kami for the entire day. My husband can’t make up his mind not until I told him na hindi kami aalis sa Divisoria unless meron na siyang barong. To give you guys an idea we bought the piña suksok fabric for 2,000 pesos.

iii. Michelle’s Ribbon & Lace Center - Swarovski buttons
Address: LS 05 – LS 06 Tutuban Prime Block Bonifacio Drive
Tel. No.: 450-3199
Peso Power: Php 240 (6 pieces)

BARONG SEWING - Piñgol’s Mens Wear
Address: Juan Luna Street, Tondo Manila
Contact Person: Aling Fatima Piñgol
Mobile No.: 0917-3969874
Landline: 252-2907
Peso Power: Php 600 per jusi barong
Php 1000 per piña with lining
Php 800 for pants includes fabric (wool)

RATING: 10+++++

Suki sila Dzune dito sa Piñgol’s. For the past four consecutive years na sunod-sunod ngpakasal sila magkakapatid all of them had their barongs tailored made here at Piñgol’s. Maganda sila tumahi and known sila especially within the vicinity of Tondo for makers of good quality tailored barong. If you need some guidelines in taking the measurement they will teach you. Ako lang kasi not following instructions, I never told Dzune’s uncles to measure their hips eh importante pala yun para maganda daw ang bagsak ng barong kasi diba nilalagyan yun ng slit and mabilis sila gumawa, they can have it ready in 3 days, ready to wear, malinis na. Accommodating pa si Aling Fatima, she sends me message sa mobile when the barongs are ready for pick-up.

Ang ganda ng barong ng husband ko, almost everyone is asking where did we buy it, some of them asked “Magkano bili nyo sa barong ni Dzune? Sa Onesimus nyo yan binili eh.” Smile lang ako. Bahala sila mag-isip. He he ;-)

If you are familiar with the Tondo area, highly recommended ko na sa Piñgol’s na kayo patahi ng barong if you are planning to have one tailor made kasi mas maganda pa din ang bagsak kapag tailor fit ang barong instead of the ready made ones. Depende din kasi sa body built.

Cord, Secondary Veil

Maning’s Lace Corporation
433-435 Evangelista, Quiapo
Tel. No.’s: 733-4982 / 733-4985

i. Cord - Php 25 per yard (3 yards)

ii. Special Tassle – Php 150 per pair

iii. Lace – Php 35 per yard (6 yards)

RATING: DIY kaya 10+++++
I wanted a different kind of cord, something similar to the one I saw at Metro Weddings Magazine (the Claudine issue) sa wedding ni Karlo Estavillo and Macel Fernandez meron picture ng cord there, pero with pearls, eh ayaw ni mother-in-law ng anything with pearls sa wedding so naghahanap lang ako ng ready made na cord na similar to that. Andami ko na napuntahan until one afternoon I went to Maning’s Lace Shop in Quiapo, and naghahanap ako ng cord when one of the salesperson there mentioned na meron palang special tassle eh hindi ko type yung ready made nila, and I want ang cord na putting-puti buti na lang sabi nya gawa na lang ako and binigyan nya ako ng materials including the special tassle. Medyo mahirap isuksok yung cord sa loob ng tassle because of the small hole, akala ko nga masisira ko pa yun eh mahal pa naman pero I used a fine point na needle used sa knitting tapos pinuno ko ng elmer’s glue yung loob ng tassle before ko nilagay ulit yung dulo para hindi maghiwa-hiwalay. Then sa paglagay ng swarovski accent I asked my friend Me-ann to do it for me. We bought worth 500 pesos of the smallest swarovski crystals in Quiapo (3 pesos each yung ganito kaliit) then nylon cords tapos si Me-ann na naglagay. She gave it to me tapos na ang happy naman ako kasi ganda tingnan sa picture.

For the second veil, too stiff yung nabibili so what I did was buy about 2 yards of tulle na ginagamit din na veil and also about 6 yards of lace para ipalibot sa tulle then I asked my Tita to sew it around the edges of the tulle. Ganda tingnan parang cloud na naka-cover sa amin ni Dzune yung second veil.

arrhae, Dzune gave me these 10 peso coins from his claypot. to match our rings which is white gold and gold I decided to use the 10 peso coins.
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i. Cover - National Bookstore
Robinsons Place Ermita
Peso Power: Php 33 per pack of special paper color yellow green

ii. Photocopying - CJO Copytrade
5th flr. SM Manila
Peso Power: Php 126 laser copy, 28 copies of 2 pages misalette back to back printing

iii. Elastic Blue Cord – 3/F SM Makati, Ayala Center
Peso Power: Php 12.00 per meter

RATING: DIY kaya 10+++++

Almost, always whenever someone is getting married in here in Letran I am asked to make their misalette. Kaya naman now that its my turn andami ko ng template na nagawa. I did the design for the cover which is a simple monogram of our surnames which is also the same design I used for our invitation cover. Bought the special paper from National Bookstore sa Robinsons kasi magulo ang mga papel sa National sa SM Manila eh, then printed the monogram using a laser printer tapos I printed din a copy of the misalette and have one reproduced at Copytrade in SM Manila and seeing na malinaw and malinis sila magphotocopy, that’s when I reproduced several copies of our misalette na. Then I borrowed our long stapler here at the office and stapled the pages together and then tied it with the aquablue elastic cord I bought in a store in SM Makati (I forgot the name pero they sell all kinds of wraps and ribbons and different “anik-anik”).

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I recommend the CJO Copytrade in SM Manila for you copying needs kasi mas malinis ang printing nila and they use a whiter brand of paper. Last December one of my friends asked me to make their misalette and I had it photocopied sa SM San Lazaro, maitim ang paper nila and mukha tuloy madumi tingnan yung misalette. Elastics cords can be bought din sa Simplejoys and Michelle’s Ribbon & Lace Center in Divi, wala lang silang available na color na gusto ko and I found the color I like in the store in SM Makati nga po.

6. HOTEL FOR PREPS - Manila Diamond Hotel
Reservations Department Tel. No.: 528-3000 extension 1102 & 1141

Peso Power: Php 4,200 net superior room with breakfast for two
Size of Room 40 sq. m.

RATING: 10+++++

I went to several hotels din before finally making a reservation at Diamond, kasi when I inquired and was told that rate for a superior room is 4,2k naisip ko too expensive yata, pero I cannot let it go because I know that the staircase in this hotel is really grand and this is the hotel nearest to Malate Church. Pero sige para lang talaga makita I went to Manila Hotel, Pan-Pacific and buti na lang malayo pero I considered Westin din sana, I would want to check-in at the New World Renaissance din sana because my husband’s cousin often stays there and alam ko maganda rooms nila ang lobby din but Dzune wouldn’t hear of it kasi malayo na daw yun masyado.

So I called made the reservation by phone then one Sunday I went there and said I’d like to make an ocular inspection of the room. After that phone call and visit I never made any follow up until the day before we checked-in, I called (November 21) and inquired about my reservation for the next day and they said that it’s already settled and I was told that check-in time is 2pm.

Mabilis naman when I checked in isip ko nga baka sabihin wala akong reservation or anything pero nothing like that happened, I was immediately given a room (was assigned room 1123! Date of my wedding 1123 din! Andali tandaan!) When we arrived in the room, spacious siya, overlooking the bay, ganda!

Ok na ok talaga lahat ng requests ko sa housekeeping mabilis dinadala sa room, like when I requested for an extra chair, agad meron, for extra towels, I even asked them for safety pins kasi nakalimutan ko magdala ng pins para sa secondary veil meron din! Tapos sarap pa ng buffet nila!!! Yummy! At like what others said in their review hindi sila strict, nagdala kami ng maraming burger for our suppliers pero wala naman silang reklamo dun. And though hindi kami nakapagphoto ops sa grand staircase nila because dami tao dun during my wedding, Korean nationals yata yun they were having some kind of a symposium seminar ata yun vey happy pa din ako sa naging outcome ng pictures ko, lalo na yung sa may picturesque window overlooking Manila Bay, I so love that picture kahit na sino makakita nagtatanong saaan yun na hotel and yung pictures dun sa may hallway na papunta sa pool area ata sa second floor, yung me glass tapos yung sun flowing basta ganun, ang ganda! I even like our pictures sa may café, yung me yellow table tops. Ang galing! Then it’s a big plus na lapit siya sa church, in a few minutes andun na kami no traffic to worry about. What we paid for is really worth it with their service, everyone was all smiles pagpasok pa lang and you don’t need to ask for assistance, once they see you kukunin nila ang bag mo and assist you.

7. CHURCH - Our Lady of Remedies Parish
Malate Catholic Church
2000 M. H. Del Pilar Street, Malate Manila
Tel. No.: 523-2593 / 400-5876 / 400-5877
Fax Number: 524-6866
Contact Person: Ruth
Peso Power: Php 10,000 weekdays wedding with maximum 8 pairs of sponsors
Php 300 for electrical fee
Inclusions: flowers and decoration for church, priest, organist,soloist, red carpet,appropriate music, civil registration, lighting, kneelers and chairs for the couple, kneelers for Best Man and Maid of Honor upon request, candles, availability of staff and equipment.

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RATING: 10+++++

Malate church is where we often hear mass here that’s why we choose this church. Someone mentioned to me din that maganda daw talaga sa Malate dahil lahat daw nagagawaan ng paraan when you ask/pray for it in this church dahil nga, “remedies”, di nga ba ibig sabihin nun “lunas”. Maybe if we got married on the month of October or December baka sa Sto. Domingo Church kami because being a Letranite and my husband being a member of the Third Order of Preachers, I can say that we are devotees of the Our Lady of La Naval. But since we are getting married November, Malate Church was my first and only choice. Paid the reservation March we initially planned to have 6 pairs of sponsors lang but since me mga dagdag si mother-in-law we ended up having 8 pairs.

While completing the requirements for the church, nalaman ko that my husband was christened in this church which made it more meaningful that we are getting married here.

Each time we go to the parish office different persons and nag-aasikaso and some of them hindi masagot ang mga inquiries because Ms. Ruth nga daw talaga in-charge. We only met Ruth during the 2nd part of the precana. Ok nga dito sa Malate and very useful yung kanilang wedding kit, Fr. Kevin whom interviewed us is a nice person and he said after interviewing us that he is happy to see that we are both matured enough to enter in this marriage. We had some problems with my baptismal certificate which wasn’t immediately filed (adult baptism kasi ako) and at first very strict si Ruth and ayaw nya kami bigyan ng consideration pero tinawagan nya din ako para sana sabihin na ok na pero nakuha ko na din that time yung aking baptismal certificate kaya ok na. When we paid the down payment pa lang, I asked anong flower ang gagamitin sa church and sabi nila (not Ruth) baby’s breath daw kaya I was thinking sana of upgrading the flowers but never got to discuss this with Ruth when I met her kaya sabi ko hayaan na lang tutal the show will go on naman even with simple flowers.

Pero siguro natuwa sa amin ang Our Lady of Remedies. Feast day pala niya is November 19 and I wasn’t expecting it, when I woke up in the morning of our wedding, since malapit lang ako naka-check in my Mom and I went for a walk towards Malate Church and a wedding was taking place when we got there and I was surprised to see na yung altar punong-puno ng flowers and ganda! I was silently praying/saying sana wag tanggalin ang flowers na yan. And my wish was granted kasi andun pa din siya during my wedding and yung flowers na nasa aisle was calla lilies pa nga yata. Everyone who attended the ceremony was saying how beautiful the altar was because it was so filled with flowers ang ganda talaga and I was so thankful for that! Me mga buntings pa nga sa harap ng church and there were flags tapos nakakatuwa yung flags na malapit sa door kakulay pa ng motif namin (blue and yellow green) kaya I was so happy ang ganda sa pictures and hindi malilimutan ng mga guests kasi tinambakan ng flowers sa church all of them thought kami ang bumili nun! He he di ko nga sinabi na ganun kadami flowers because katatapos ng fiesta. Advantage pa sa Malate Church is there is ample parking space for your guests hindi na sila mahihirapan na isipin pa where to park.

Uy, meron din palang hindi maganda, yung sound system ng commentator I don’t know kung mahina ba yun or garalgal kasi kami ni husband was right beside him pero hindi maintindihan masyado pagsasalita. Pero yung sa choir/organ malinaw na malinaw kasi while walking the aisle rinig na rinig ko ang wordings ng song sang by the soloist of Velvet Mood. Clear din naman yung sa side ng readers and sa priest no problem, loud and clear.

Another thing is you cannot go up the choir loft kasi daw sira-sira ang floor hindi pwede apakan kaya naman wala ako picture ng top view, kainis, pinahabaan ko pa naman ang train ng gown ko kasi sabi ko maganda na ganun sa picture.

And isang tip lang sa next na Malate Church bride, after the ceremony before the pictorial starts, ask someone to ask the church in-charge kung pwede itiklop nila yung projector screen kasi ampangit tingnan sa pictures! Yung sa akin kasi kitang-kita siya eh alam ko pwede naman yun itiklop siguro lang hindi napansin ni Chito and no one noticed it until nakita ko na lang sa pictures. And yung door naman can be closed before the entrance of the bride but you must assign at least 2 or 3 male friends of yours to do it kasi ambigat daw talaga nung door according to Arnie (Chito’s assistant) kaya sa akin it was not closed kasi si Arnie lang ang nag-aasist sa akin. Buti na lang he never left me, he was even the one who assisted me in getting down the car. Buti na lang…

Contact Person: Rex Rosario
Office Address: 4134 Algeciras St. Sampaloc Manila
Tel. No.: 743-3513 / 0918-6736202
Peso Power: Php 7,600
Inclusions: 1 handtied bride’s bouquet,1 nosegay for MOH, 7 nosegay for BM,5 baskets and headbands for FG’s, 3 pomander for SS, 8 nosegay for PS, 2 nosegay for moms


This one supplier that really exceeded my expectation, well naman talaga sobra kasi I was expecting them to deliver beautiful flowers pero hindi ko din talaga akalain. Everyone is telling me how beautiful my bouquet is!

Got to know about this supplier through w@w, I first saw their arrangements sa wedding ni Grace Dy, then if I remember it right Abi Lam-Parayno was also one of their clients who was boasting of their services dahil nga they don’t just simply deliver the flowers for the entourage and bahala na, they stay and make sure that the flowers are properly distributed, the headbands of the FG’s put into place, di ba that’s something! Ako kasi in the past weddings that I attended na ako naaatasan to take care of distributing the flowers, hindi ko maintindihan which is for whom.
Met with Rex twice, first to give the reservation then again a week before the wedding for finalization of the flowers for each bouquet. During the final meeting, di ko na alam basta I wanted to get over with our wedding na lang so I told Rex, bahala ka na. since I know that blue flowers are not common and kung meron man sobrang mahal or needs to be ordered pa kasi imported so sabi ko lang sa kanya gawin na lang nya basta makulay ang bouquet ko para angat naman siya sa white na gown ko, tapos sabi ko I really don’t like mums except for the green button mums so yun ang gawin sa mga entourage, basta sabi ko mga abay will be wearing blue so dapat more on green and yellow na lang bouquet nila or white ganun tapos sa mommy namin color ng damit nila ecru so make it more on green and white. I didn’t ask for buttonaires kasi sayang naman barongs ng male ento kung mabubutas lang because of the safety pin. Tapos on the day of the wedding I asked him to deliver the flowers at 11am sa hotel and alam mo yun, they (the ones who delivered the flowers) quietly came, asked if everything is ok then left. Which is ang ok kasi no fuss, ang ganda ng bouquet ko, hindi ko kasi siya napapansin kasi picture ako ng picture tapos nung pinahawakan sa akin niChito sabi ko na lang bigla, yan ba ang bouquet ko? Sobrang ganda naman! Sobrang happy ko talaga, kasi I heard some brides hindi satisfied sa bouquet nila ako happing-happy, I really don’t know what kind of flowers Rex used basta ang ganda, kitang-kita yung touch of green and meron din blue violet pero hindi madilim tingnan kasi nga combined with other colors, my Mom, sister and other members of the ento are so happy with their flowers din and yung iba na nakalimutan nila ang bouquet nila sa reception kasi nalapag at siguro kinuha na ng ibang tao nanghihinayang. Angtagal din ng buhay ng flowers, we gathered all the bouquets kasi na naiwan and bought it to my father’s grave the next day and ang tagal pa din nun dun. Dzune’s Tita nga who renewed her vows November 19, (got Rex as the flower supplier din) ganda pa ng bouquet nya nung pabalik na siya ng US ng December 1, what she did was put it inside the ref.

9. HAIR & MAKE UP - ***Agie Cruz & Ogie
Contact Person: Angie Cruz
Mobile No.: 0916-3868307
Peso Power: Php 5000 for first 3 heads
Php 850 per head in excess of 3
Php 1500 trial make-up

RATING: 10+++++

I am so happy with my hair and make-up! At the beginning of our wedding preparations I really don’t want to spend that much on this because I really don’t wear make-up not even lipstick. Upon joining w@w among the first suppliers ratings I read was Maybelle’s and this is how I came to know about Angie. Ive taken her number (akala ko talaga female siya eh!) and texted her asking if her schedule for November 23 was still open. And she said yes. But I don’t know what’s with me I had trial pa din with another HMUA, si Irene Maniego, went to Rustan’s in Robinsons Manila for 2 trials, gaan naman kamay nya ang ganda naman work pero hindi talaga ako masiyahan until nga I texted Angie and arranged for a trial make-up with her.

Naku nakakahiya, for the trial I asked for them to be in the vicinity of Intramuros at 8am and they came promptly, pero since it was raining I arrived past 9am na yata!!! Naku natakot ako sabi ko naku how would this work out kasi they have been waiting for a long time baka hindi na nila ako pagandahin. Alam ko inis talaga si Ogie that time because he has to be somewhere sana at 9am dahil he has a shoot with Preview magazine (the one that came out December, si Ruffa Gutierrez cover) so he immediately got busy with my hair, mabilis siya gumawa pero ganda talaga and ayos naman, di ako nagsasalita masyado kasi sobra hiya ko then when he was through fixing my hair sabi ko wow ganda! Sinagot nya ko “Kaya dapat book mo na kami!” and that’s it. Angie did my make-up, sabi ko “sabi ng sister ko yung no-make-up look lang daw” and naalala ko sinabi ni Mec kaya sabi ko “tsaka ano ba pwede mo gawin sa lips ko kasi I have full lips” and yun lang Angie doesn’t talk much sabi ng officemates ko (Dito kasi ako nagpatrial) ok kasi hindi tulad ng ibang bading na maiingay! Then the outcome ng trial pa lang very happy na ako kay booked them agad.

During the wedding Ogie came early he was first to arrive, followed by Angie, Ogie immediately got busy with my Mom’s hair kailangan i-set and then started with my hair, I want an updo para hindi ako mainitan and then showed him the pins I got from Rio Tiaras, sabi nila ang ganda and sa dami ng naayusan nila ngayon lang sila nakakita ng ganung design, so after doing my hair make-up naman ako ni Angie. And all throughout the time we were in the hotel kahit tapos na kami lahat ayusan andun lang sila, they call me from time to time (Ogie calls me Ms. Bride and si Angie naman Jen) to retouch my lipstick or fix something in my hair, hanggang sa paglagay ng veil and pag-spray ng perfume si Ogie gumawa nun and they really know where to spray, alam mo yun parang pati yun mi-naster nila! Sayang nga eh should have requested them to stay until the reception eh ewan ko ba nalimutan ko yata to ask if they could do that….nawala ako sa sarili.

I highly recommend this two person, they really made me feel so beautiful on my wedding day, for a price that is really affordable naman and worth it. And I realized, make-up is really important pala, kasi if you don’t feel at ease with it you won’t feel confident and if you don’t have confidence you won’t look good in the pictures. Nasasayangan nga ako I didn’t ask my other Tita’s to join us in the hotel para sa kanya na kami lahat nagpamake-up. So ang nagpamake-up lang kay Angie is me my MOH sister, my Mom and my 2 junior bridesmaids na 12 yrs old respectively, ang ganda nila hindi sila nagmukhang parang dalaga because of the make-up. If I am to marry again (haha!) sana Angie and Ogie will still be around to do my make-up and hair! He he.

mga model!
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10. PHOTOGRAPHY – íChito Cleofas
Contact Person: Chito / Cris Cleofas
Office Address: 2568 Agata St., San Andres BUkid, M.Mla.
Telefax: 561-6485
Mobile No.: 0919-3106751
Peso Power: Php 43,000
Inclusions: COLLECTION 1 (DIGITAL) Php. 43,000.00

Package includes the following
* 40 page 8"X10" imported album ( made in Korea)
* All the pages are protected with anti scratch lamination
* 100-140 images in digital layout creating a storybook
* 500pcs 3R (3.5X5 inches) prints as proofs in slip in album
* One (1) 16"X20" photo in canvass with frame
* Master file CD-R high resolution RAW of all your images
* CD-R containing all Final images for the digital album plus the
40 page digital layout in jpg format.
* 2 photographers

RATING: 10+++++

This is one supplier na talaga naman kay tagal ko hinanap. Even before Dzune and I decided to get married, I told him na hindi ito matatawaran because I really want beautiful pictures on my wedding day. I visited more than several photographers site and each time I chanced upon photo exhibits, bridal fairs, pictures agad ang tinitignan ko, it took me sometime to decide whom to get to cover my wedding day, a friend of mine even offered to do it for me for free but I was thinking that I want my friends to enjoy my wedding day not to take my pictures. When until one day while browsing through messages posted at the w@w group, I chanced upon ruth and marc’s photo album which they shared online. They included in their message that the group of Chito Cleofas took their photos. I checked out the weddingsatwork directory and there was Chito’s web address which I visited immediately sending a message/inquiry which was immediately responded to.

What’s funny was in his reply he was asking if a I know this certain person who is his colleague in photography. Sabi ko yes he is my colleague here at work and a good friend. yung common friend namin na yun is a very good photographer and I always trust his judgment pagdating sa photography. So one time I saw him sabi ko, Leslie, kilala mo pala si Chito Cleofas, sabi ny oo naman, galing yun nagbaback-up photography ako dun and kung ako ikakasal sila din ang kukunin ko. Yun na, I immediately arranged for a meeting with Chito and booked his services.

Very down to earth ang taong ito, I remember on meeting him I never asked him for anything, sya ang nagsabi sa akin “Ano ang maitutulong ko sa’yo?”

veil girls
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I also booked Chito’s services for Dzune’s Lola’s 90th birthday party and though napakaraming requests nun na pakuha dito and doon walang reklamo ang tao na ito. He took hundreds of pictures for my Lola for a special fee and I was really touched.

Then on our wedding day, he came early and shoot lang siya ng shoot. Meron ding times na he asked me/us to pose for him pero he just sits quietly at times with his long lens and squeeze that shutter and look at my pictures naman! I am so happy with the outcome, everyone is praising the pictures taken by Chito and his assistant too was so nice, si Arnie, he was even the one who assisted me in getting off the bridal car when it was my time to march down the aisle and ang ganda din ng shots ni Arnie grabe! Chito’s style is really more on photojournalism ang gaganda ng mga reaction shots nya I love it! It tells the story…

Nga lang and I cant blame Chito or Arnie, dahil siguro sa taranta on our “missing rings” nawala siguro composure nila and wasn’t able to take really good photos of the exchange of rings. Pero sa dami naman ang ibang good shots nila compensated na nun yung walang picture taken on the exchange of rings. Sobrang happy pa din ako sa output nila.

11. VIDEOGRAPHY –Ricky the VTR Man
Contact Person: Ricky
Tel. No.: 5308491
Mobile No.: 0906-9423915
Peso Power: Php 3,000 Talent fee
Php 3,500 rental of equipment

RATING: 10+++++
Video is really not my priority, sabi ko nga worse comes to worse pag wala ako nahanap I will just tap one of my officemates na cameraman din naman talaga namin to bring one of our dvcam siya na lang magkuha. Then one time my husband mentioned na he has a student connected with Manila Prime Studio. I asked the student if he knows someone who knows to handle a CanonXL1 and has background in taking videos in wedding. which he readily answered with a yes, I requested for the contact number of this person but he didn’t have it that time and I sort of forgot about it until about 3 weeks or less before our wedding. I saw again this student and he asked me if the vtr man called me, sabi ko no. Sabi nya he will remind him to call and true to his word tumawag naman siya. Ricky told me that he regularly works as a freelance videographer for weddings, usually he works for Lito Sy, Mel Cortes. So yun, ok siya kausap sabi nya for an additional 3,5k he can bring the all his equipment including the lapel mic na, and yun nga ang naging final agreement namin.

I texted him my hotel room number as soon as I was checked in and he arrived promptly at eleven. During the preps, kuha lang siya ng kuha and he only asked me to pose once, kasi sabi nya natural lang gusto nya, candid and what he is after is to capture the natural emotions and not yung mga directed, towards the end of the reception program I even saw him making interviews with some of our guests and not until nakakwento na lang namin yung mga ibang guests na the vtr man asked them for some words pala, o di ba.
When I watched the video, I was amazed at what Ricky did, ang ganda ng choice of shots! Very clear and audio and maliwanag talaga even the ones taken at the church. Di ba minsan madilim inside some churches. And then when I requested for our Video Editor to transfer it to DVD akala nila it was edited na! Kasi nga some of Ricky’s shots needs not to be edited kasi meron na syang sort of transition and lalagyan na lang ng music.

No rate for editing here, that would be my job pero I still haven’t find the time to do it but will in a few days and I will find the way to post it para makita nyo din. And hey, what’s really good is Chito and Arnie knows Ricky well, nakakasama na nga daw nila on other weddings kaya naman walang problem na me possibility na mag-aagawan sila ng shots, kasi one concern ko yun nung start dahil nga I didn’t get the photo and video package. And good thing they know each other so, walang problema sa pagtratrabaho nila kasi nagbibigayan.

12. RECEPTION VENUE – Villa Immaculada
Contact Person: c/o Tamayos Catering
Tel. No’s.: 525-9772/527-4404 / 522-5565 / 400-7686 / 400-7161 /952-0263
Peso Power: Php 24,500
Inclusions:Use of venue for 4 hours, waived corkage fee

RATING: 10+++++

Villa Immaculada was really one fine place for a reception, ang ganda ng ceilings and the venue itself. Ceilings are high complete with the drapes nga ba tawag dun and the lighting adds drama to the place. Accessible pa siya especially if you are having your wedding in Intramuros and in my case Malate Church was just a few minutes away. With the ample parking space it’s not a hassle for guests to park. I was worried that it would rain on my wedding day since we often experience having rain on this month during our grand alumni here in Letran Manila my husband and I agreed to hold our reception in an indoor venue and of all the places we visited we kept on avoiding at first Villa Immaculada because we find the rental fee too expensive though at the beginning of the planning pa lang my husband knows that Villa is my first choice.

After so much computation and discussion, we decided to book Villa Immaculada and despite the expensive rental it was worth the money we paid for, my husbands cousin from the US fell in-love with this place one of them (Cheryl) keeps on mentioning in her emails how much she likes the place where we had our wedding reception and the fact that we don’t have to pay for any corkage fee and can bring in anything (food, drinks) we want is good, maybe its because those corkage is already included in the rental of the venue.

13. CATERING – Tamayos Catering
Contact Person: Pla
Tel. No’s.: 525-9772/527-4404 / 522-5565 / 400-7686 / 400-7161 /952-0263
Peso Power: Php 69,500 for the 1st 100 persons
Php 465 per pax in excess of 100
Inclusions: selection from various array of menu (menus 1-3), 3 layered fondant cake (all edible) following color motif, bridal car (maximum of 3 hrs), decorated cage & doves, 1 bottle of champagne, guestbook,reception set-up, refillable softdrinks or fruit punch or ice tea, place cards for sponsors at the reception tableScheduled food tasting for two, free use of sound system, reception coordination on the function proper.

Food - 10+++++
The food was overflowing. All our guests says busog na busog sila and andami ng food! I never expected it to be this much. During our food tasting and finalization of the menu I was worried na baka kulang ang food and I need to add more in the menu but a week before our wedding when I met Mr. Steve Tamayo one afternoon, because it turns out that the bestfriend of my Mom is the close to Mr. Tamayo that’s why I had the chance to meet him during one of his visits sa Villa. Mr. Tamayo assured me na hindi na ako mapapahiya with the menu I chose and suggested that I just add with the flower setup ng Villa para hindi naman daw ordinary party lang. he was even offering me a real huge discount for the upgrade but I declined but I guess medyo dinagdagan pa din nya lalo na yung food kasi parang andami nung deserts and other main dishes ko eh. And for that I am really thankful.

Set-up - 10+++++

Even without the upgrade for the centerpieces or the gazebo for the cake ang ganda pa din ng Villa. Most of our guest thought that we had the centerpieces upgraded pero wala naman talaga kami add-on. Except for the backdraft fountain which Mr. Tamayo made us use without additional charge.

Everything was set into place, tables have elegant cover and pati na din ang chairs and strategic din ang location nila for the cake which is at the back of the hall para you can see the bride and groom move around naman for those ceremonies.

Yun nga lang my AE told me na for the couples entrance hindi daw muna nila ilalagay in the middle yung cake table. Pero it was already there when we went in pero hindi naman siya nakaabala or nabangga namin.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Wedding high!

A month and a half has passed but still I have this feeling of nostalgia with our wedding!
I wished I had blogged this immediately but I don’t know where the time goes! During the time I was so engrossed with our wedding preps I was telling myself I will have more time after the wedding, but I was wrong. Maybe it’s because of the holidays. Here are the chronicles of my wedding day:

*Relatives arriving from all over the world! Ha Ha! Dzune’s aunts, uncles and cousin arriving from the U.S. and Hongkong, my Tita Lyn’s family arriving from Cagayan de Oro and still us who has to fetch most of them and entertain them and accompany them. Plus Dzune’s brother arriving from Jeddah.

*Getting my gown four days before the wedding and seeing that it was so simple, its looks like a simple Sunday dress! So frustrating and stressful!!!

*Meeting Edd Sy and being so thankful for his big heart! Imagine agreeing to do the repairs and additional beadworks to my gown and have it finished picked up the night before our wedding. Happiness!!! (Thank you sobra!)

* Mixed emotions, thankful, so thankful for people with a good heart! The staff of Wedding Library in SM North, clearing a space in their stock room so I can try on my gown and show Edd Sy which parts needs alterations! Some people really do have a big heart!

* Because I was so worried with my gown I wasn’t able to push through with designing a desk calendar which I intend to have printed at Printed Matter to be given away as souvenirs.I just let it go. No souvenirs!? I’m sure that they will be well fed and watered.

* Giving up on doing the layout of the guest sheets! Good thing my good friend Ghie agreed to do it for me and Dzune’s investment on a desk jet printer months ago paid off because he printed the guest sheets at home the night before our wedding day!

* Checking in at the Diamond Hotel and assigning me room 1123, wow! It’s the same date as my wedding! November which is the 11th month so its 1123 din!

*Having an argument with Dzune the day before our wedding because last minute we found out that no one’s to pick-up my gown from Edd Sy’s office. Not even my brothers are up to doing it, this was so frustrating because after all the help we do for almost everyone I deserve one favor as such. In the end Dzune taking a cab (I don’t want him to drive) to pick up my gown while he drops me off at Robinsons so I can get a manicure and pedicure at least! It was a big bonus that someone agreed to massage me and give me a spa despite of the late hour I arrived.

* Arriving at the hotel room and finding that my cousins are gone (As panic and worried and puzzled! Where are those kids! Sabi ko wag aalis) and Dzune was no where to be found too makes me panic and nervous (San na sila!?) and I don’t have my phone with me because I left it all to Dzune with instructions that he leaves it at the hotel room!

*No one around but my gown was there hanging in the closet (bodyform still at home, Mommy would bring it when they come over) and all the accessories was there in an Edd Sy box, he even gave me a veil! (San na si Dzune?!!)

*Calling Dzune’s house and speaking to my mother –in-law who is also asking me where his son is! Hay Panic!

* The kids and Dzune arriving at the hotel it turns out the kids were really hungry he took them out to get something to eat! (Huh u, kawawa pala mga pinsan ko! Forgot to get grab them something to eat!)

*Cousins doesn’t want to sleep at the hotel so they all went home leaving me alone. Taking a shower and trying to sleep but to no avail. I ended up sending messages to cousins, suppliers, etc making last minute bilins and some of them replying, “Matulog ka na! Gusto mo ba grabe eye bags mo bukas!” eh hindi talaga makatulog eh!

* My mom finally arriving at the hotel in the middle of the night just as when nakakatulog na sana ako and her reaction pagkakita sa gown ko, I can tell that she is happier with my gown this time and cant believe that it was repaired and beaded in two days!

* My brother Jayson texting me in the middle of the night with a message saying:”Gisingin mo si Kuya Dzune, andito kami sa tapat ng bahay nila.” Fuming mad! My 2 brothers’ barong was still at Dzune’s house because no one would go and pick it up and my instructions to my brothers and sister Juliet was to go to Dzune’s house first thing in the morning of the 23rd to get their barongs, and Yanie’s (junior bridesmaids), the coins for the arrhae, and our wedding rings. In the morning and not in the middle of the night!!! Hindi ko talaga ginising sila, I send a message to my brother that he go home and sleep and if he doesn’t want to come back at a more decent hour to get his barong it would be alright if he doesn’t attend my wedding!

* Having an argument with my brother Jayson on my wedding day! I don’t want to spoil this day so what do I care if he is angry, I don’t care if he doesn’t show up to walk me down the aisle, Jeffrey (my other brother will be there) or it can be Juliet and my Mom. I never texted Jay para suyuin siya.

* Juliet, Jeffrey and cousin Yanie went to their Kuya Dzune’s house to get the barongs and other things and the funny thing was nasa kanto na sila when Dzune realized that he has given his barong to my brother! Buti na lang naabutan pa niya! He he he!

* Taking a stroll towards Malate Church early morning of our wedding and seeing an early morning wedding going on the the Our Lady of Remedies’ altar overflowing with flowers!!! I was silently wishing/praying that in the afternoon, on my wedding ganun din kadami flowers and ganun nga kadami!!! It was so beautiful!

* Back at the hotel taking a bath and nakahilata sa sofa, some friends were sending short messages, asking how do I feel, if I am nervous excited or what. Ha ha! Hindi ako kinakabahan!

* Suppliers starting to arrive promptly around 10:30am. Ogie the hairstylist was first in the scene followed immediately by Angie the make up artist, then Ricky the freelance videographer that I hired for the day and then finally Chito, Arnie and the assistant then my sisters, Juliet, Jeffrey and Yanie, kasama pa si Onel!

* Glad that my supplier knows each other, si Angie has worked with Chito before and Ricky the videographer din nakakasama na talaga nila Chito!

* How time flies that day, suddenly my hair and make up was done and I changed into my green dress which I really planned to wear for the preparation photo shoot and My Love calling me but I really can’t remember ano pinagsasabi nya sa akin, alam ko tawa ako ng tawa. Hi! Hi! Hi!

* My mom keep on saying, “Itago ang singsing baka malimutan” kaya naman after the last time na ginamit ang singsing yung after ako kinunan ni Ricky na nasa fingers ko ang singsing I gave it back to my Mom and I remember my Mom giving it to my 2 junior bridesmaid (Nini & Yanie) and hearing Juliet’s voice saying “Ako magdadala nyan dahil baka malimutan!” but I wasn’t looking though who really got it.

* Then it was time to dress up and Ogie and Angie commenting: “Hindi ka galit sa beads!” He he and them fixing my hair, putting the pins I got from Rio Tiaras attaching my veil, ang ganda dawn pins sabi ni Ogie! “Kaiba!” , lipstick, kaunting photo ops with my Mom and brothers.

* Chito asking my Mom to hand me my bouquet (which in the midst of all happening arrived quietly and I was surprised to see that my bouquet was really beautiful!!! Sabi ko the first time I hold it. “Ang ganda naman sobra ng bouquet ko!”) bigla na lang crying lady si Mommy sabay sabi: “Iiyak ako naalala ko si Papa.” I was trying not to remember my Papa because I don’t really want to cry. “Wag ka na iyak Ma, masisira make-up mo” I was kidding my Mom baka di ko mapigil luha ko.

* And Chito remembering “San nga ba ang father mo?” which I silently replied “Kamamatay lang ni Papa last year”

* Time to go down somewhere in the lobby or stairs for more photo ops. Final retouch ng hair by Ogie,final lipstick from Angie, even sa pag-spray ng perfume ogie was the one who did it! Dzune’s cousins Lyra and Grazielle arriving, ang ganda nila, they look like dolls.

* Photo ops at the window with a view~ never thought these photos would be this good!

* Down the elevator getting off at the second floor, picture taking left and right. Lyra was asking “Ate Jen saang magazine ba ito lalabas?”

mga models!
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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Cooking with Nanay

I am now married for a month and 13 days. I have been learning a lot lalo na in terms of cooking. I have been my mothe-in-law's constanct kitchen companion for sometime now since last Christmas. Yesterday we prepared dinner for Kuya Bong's and Ate Lene's anniversary and I was asked by Nanay na maggisa. Simpleng bagay, pero hearing it from someone I look up to specially sa pagluluto is a big deal for me..."maganda ka maggisa,you will be a good cook, nakakatagal kas sa kusina..." Wow! I am