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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Wedding high!

A month and a half has passed but still I have this feeling of nostalgia with our wedding!
I wished I had blogged this immediately but I don’t know where the time goes! During the time I was so engrossed with our wedding preps I was telling myself I will have more time after the wedding, but I was wrong. Maybe it’s because of the holidays. Here are the chronicles of my wedding day:

*Relatives arriving from all over the world! Ha Ha! Dzune’s aunts, uncles and cousin arriving from the U.S. and Hongkong, my Tita Lyn’s family arriving from Cagayan de Oro and still us who has to fetch most of them and entertain them and accompany them. Plus Dzune’s brother arriving from Jeddah.

*Getting my gown four days before the wedding and seeing that it was so simple, its looks like a simple Sunday dress! So frustrating and stressful!!!

*Meeting Edd Sy and being so thankful for his big heart! Imagine agreeing to do the repairs and additional beadworks to my gown and have it finished picked up the night before our wedding. Happiness!!! (Thank you sobra!)

* Mixed emotions, thankful, so thankful for people with a good heart! The staff of Wedding Library in SM North, clearing a space in their stock room so I can try on my gown and show Edd Sy which parts needs alterations! Some people really do have a big heart!

* Because I was so worried with my gown I wasn’t able to push through with designing a desk calendar which I intend to have printed at Printed Matter to be given away as souvenirs.I just let it go. No souvenirs!? I’m sure that they will be well fed and watered.

* Giving up on doing the layout of the guest sheets! Good thing my good friend Ghie agreed to do it for me and Dzune’s investment on a desk jet printer months ago paid off because he printed the guest sheets at home the night before our wedding day!

* Checking in at the Diamond Hotel and assigning me room 1123, wow! It’s the same date as my wedding! November which is the 11th month so its 1123 din!

*Having an argument with Dzune the day before our wedding because last minute we found out that no one’s to pick-up my gown from Edd Sy’s office. Not even my brothers are up to doing it, this was so frustrating because after all the help we do for almost everyone I deserve one favor as such. In the end Dzune taking a cab (I don’t want him to drive) to pick up my gown while he drops me off at Robinsons so I can get a manicure and pedicure at least! It was a big bonus that someone agreed to massage me and give me a spa despite of the late hour I arrived.

* Arriving at the hotel room and finding that my cousins are gone (As panic and worried and puzzled! Where are those kids! Sabi ko wag aalis) and Dzune was no where to be found too makes me panic and nervous (San na sila!?) and I don’t have my phone with me because I left it all to Dzune with instructions that he leaves it at the hotel room!

*No one around but my gown was there hanging in the closet (bodyform still at home, Mommy would bring it when they come over) and all the accessories was there in an Edd Sy box, he even gave me a veil! (San na si Dzune?!!)

*Calling Dzune’s house and speaking to my mother –in-law who is also asking me where his son is! Hay Panic!

* The kids and Dzune arriving at the hotel it turns out the kids were really hungry he took them out to get something to eat! (Huh u, kawawa pala mga pinsan ko! Forgot to get grab them something to eat!)

*Cousins doesn’t want to sleep at the hotel so they all went home leaving me alone. Taking a shower and trying to sleep but to no avail. I ended up sending messages to cousins, suppliers, etc making last minute bilins and some of them replying, “Matulog ka na! Gusto mo ba grabe eye bags mo bukas!” eh hindi talaga makatulog eh!

* My mom finally arriving at the hotel in the middle of the night just as when nakakatulog na sana ako and her reaction pagkakita sa gown ko, I can tell that she is happier with my gown this time and cant believe that it was repaired and beaded in two days!

* My brother Jayson texting me in the middle of the night with a message saying:”Gisingin mo si Kuya Dzune, andito kami sa tapat ng bahay nila.” Fuming mad! My 2 brothers’ barong was still at Dzune’s house because no one would go and pick it up and my instructions to my brothers and sister Juliet was to go to Dzune’s house first thing in the morning of the 23rd to get their barongs, and Yanie’s (junior bridesmaids), the coins for the arrhae, and our wedding rings. In the morning and not in the middle of the night!!! Hindi ko talaga ginising sila, I send a message to my brother that he go home and sleep and if he doesn’t want to come back at a more decent hour to get his barong it would be alright if he doesn’t attend my wedding!

* Having an argument with my brother Jayson on my wedding day! I don’t want to spoil this day so what do I care if he is angry, I don’t care if he doesn’t show up to walk me down the aisle, Jeffrey (my other brother will be there) or it can be Juliet and my Mom. I never texted Jay para suyuin siya.

* Juliet, Jeffrey and cousin Yanie went to their Kuya Dzune’s house to get the barongs and other things and the funny thing was nasa kanto na sila when Dzune realized that he has given his barong to my brother! Buti na lang naabutan pa niya! He he he!

* Taking a stroll towards Malate Church early morning of our wedding and seeing an early morning wedding going on the the Our Lady of Remedies’ altar overflowing with flowers!!! I was silently wishing/praying that in the afternoon, on my wedding ganun din kadami flowers and ganun nga kadami!!! It was so beautiful!

* Back at the hotel taking a bath and nakahilata sa sofa, some friends were sending short messages, asking how do I feel, if I am nervous excited or what. Ha ha! Hindi ako kinakabahan!

* Suppliers starting to arrive promptly around 10:30am. Ogie the hairstylist was first in the scene followed immediately by Angie the make up artist, then Ricky the freelance videographer that I hired for the day and then finally Chito, Arnie and the assistant then my sisters, Juliet, Jeffrey and Yanie, kasama pa si Onel!

* Glad that my supplier knows each other, si Angie has worked with Chito before and Ricky the videographer din nakakasama na talaga nila Chito!

* How time flies that day, suddenly my hair and make up was done and I changed into my green dress which I really planned to wear for the preparation photo shoot and My Love calling me but I really can’t remember ano pinagsasabi nya sa akin, alam ko tawa ako ng tawa. Hi! Hi! Hi!

* My mom keep on saying, “Itago ang singsing baka malimutan” kaya naman after the last time na ginamit ang singsing yung after ako kinunan ni Ricky na nasa fingers ko ang singsing I gave it back to my Mom and I remember my Mom giving it to my 2 junior bridesmaid (Nini & Yanie) and hearing Juliet’s voice saying “Ako magdadala nyan dahil baka malimutan!” but I wasn’t looking though who really got it.

* Then it was time to dress up and Ogie and Angie commenting: “Hindi ka galit sa beads!” He he and them fixing my hair, putting the pins I got from Rio Tiaras attaching my veil, ang ganda dawn pins sabi ni Ogie! “Kaiba!” , lipstick, kaunting photo ops with my Mom and brothers.

* Chito asking my Mom to hand me my bouquet (which in the midst of all happening arrived quietly and I was surprised to see that my bouquet was really beautiful!!! Sabi ko the first time I hold it. “Ang ganda naman sobra ng bouquet ko!”) bigla na lang crying lady si Mommy sabay sabi: “Iiyak ako naalala ko si Papa.” I was trying not to remember my Papa because I don’t really want to cry. “Wag ka na iyak Ma, masisira make-up mo” I was kidding my Mom baka di ko mapigil luha ko.

* And Chito remembering “San nga ba ang father mo?” which I silently replied “Kamamatay lang ni Papa last year”

* Time to go down somewhere in the lobby or stairs for more photo ops. Final retouch ng hair by Ogie,final lipstick from Angie, even sa pag-spray ng perfume ogie was the one who did it! Dzune’s cousins Lyra and Grazielle arriving, ang ganda nila, they look like dolls.

* Photo ops at the window with a view~ never thought these photos would be this good!

* Down the elevator getting off at the second floor, picture taking left and right. Lyra was asking “Ate Jen saang magazine ba ito lalabas?”

mga models!
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