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Friday, October 21, 2005

Second Trial.

Hay after this second trial with Irene Maniego, parang hindi pa din ako masyado masaya sa outcome. I don't know if it's my face. He he. Irene is fine, magaang ang kamay,ok naman ang products na gamit nya (Laura Mercier). My brother says that I should have another trial with a different HMUA. Maybe I can schedule it during our prenuptial shoot withChito.

more photos here

First trial was done during the last week of September, it was the month after my "battle" kuno with I don't know what na sakit...He he...Pagkakita ng brother ko sabi nya pa-trial lang ako sa iba because he didn't like it, masyado daw nag-iba ang mukha ko parang hindi na ako and nada-dark-an sila sa shade that Irene used for the eyes.

Kaya ako nagpatrial ulit, Irene offered it and she said that she will be using lighter naman daw ngayon. So this is it. Lighter na nga siya. Sabi ni Dzune better than the first trial. Paano ba ito, observation ko lang, my eyes changes everytime I apply make-up. As in, before during our service awards night dito sa Letran, Dzune's cousin was the one who did my make-up, nag-iba din mukha ko. Should I have another trial, or am I just trying too hard...he he...I don't apply make-up kasi eh, not even lipstick. Di ako marunong...


At 11:13 AM, Blogger arevalos said...

sis... make-up is ncie tho i think the MUA should try to make your eyes less not sure if lighter make-up will do that or a diff shade :)

and maybe lighter shade of lipstick? kasi super endowed ka with full lips... i think they just have to accent that a little... :)


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