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Monday, October 17, 2005

Our invites

for more photos of our invites click here under the album "our invites"

Finally got our invites from Printed Matter. Pop-up style invitation with our portraits. Originally Ben, a college friend and classmate made our vector portrait, na pinagkopyahan ng artist nila Phoebe. Kamukhang-kamukha ng mahal ko ang portrait nya, pero ako hindi....he he...kasi pina-sexy daw ako nung artist eh...Anyway, I hope we would be able to distribute all this within the week. But the sad thing is these invites doesn't have an entourage card pa din kasi we haven't completed the list of our Principal Sponsors yet...parang andami pa namin time no....pero ang totoo almost a monthe to go na lang....hayy...
Ethel accompanied me sa pagpunta sa Printed Matter office, she wants to see some samples of their works kasi for the wedding of her cousin naman, si Bonjing and Norjo this December.
Another accomplishment for me ngayon weekend is that I finally got to go to Rio Tiaras! From SM Centerpoint we took a cab going to Horseshoe Village. I get to meeting Ms. Reggie finally. Sa text pa lang nababaitan na ako dito, she never fails to text back, as in lahat ng inquirt though late na she texts back. There was even one time when I texted her, she was in the US pala, sinagot na pa din ako, sabi nga nya she won't forget me kasi when I texted her she was in a bridal fair. Before nya pinakita sa akin mga items na gawa nila, she asked me din muna if ano ang budget ko ask nya din ano mga nakalagay sa gown ko, cut glass, pearls, etc of which I answered agad na "no pearls" ayaw kasi ng mother in law ko they have a sad experience on wearing pearls to a wedding, ewan ko pero it represent tears daw kasi eh. Sabi ko naman something simple lang ang kailangan ko, something that will hold my veil into place. Gusto ko din ng tiara pero ayoko naman yung masyado siyang mataas sa hair ko, Reggie suggested if I like pwedeng pins na lang ang bilihin ko, so she showed me three sets of pins, I chose the one with the flower designs kasi kaiba siya ang isip ko I can use it for some other occassions naman. I have ordered na din a tiara for Tita Baby. I hope she'll like it kasi ako nagandahan ako sa kanya, pero mukhang hindi pa ako ganun ka-carry to wear something as fancy as this, at sabi din ni Ms. Reggie, since it's a silver wedding naman , she is sure that my Tita would like to have something like this.


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