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Thursday, November 17, 2005

I have the power!

Miracle. Eto yata ang nangyayari sa akin nitong mga nakaraang araw.
Monday 10 days before our wedding, I was able to book musicians for our wedding reception at sa church na din! Swerte talaga. We got Velvet Mood to add life to our wedding! Grabe, actually maybe we were just really lucky dahil our wedding falls on a weekday kaya madali pa magbook ng suppliers even with a few days left. And luck because Velvet Mood was the group with which my brother-in-law to be belongs to, it just so happen that Gerard personally know Edwing Silangcruz.
Tuesday 9 days to go, meron na akong videographer! This is something na hindi ko talaga kinareer sa lahat sa wedding preps ko, kasi katwiran ko meron naman kaming videocam sa office and worse comes to worst I could simply ask Mang Jay, our cameraman to handle the videos during the wedding tapos kahit ako I can simply edit it in one of our editing machines. Pero naiisip ko, hassle naman sa officemates ko, gusto ko guest naman sila sa wedding. Swerte naman that My Love has a student who is connected with a known name in the wedding photography industry, ang Manila Prime. So Toto helped me find a freelance videographer in the person of Ricky, so Ricky will be taking our video come our wedding day, he will be using his own camera (Sony VX2000), bring the lights and the lightsman and provide lapel na din for a good audio. And it is a big plus that he knows and has worked with my photographer, Chito. Si Ricky nga pala is a freelance videographer who worked with Lito Sy and Mel Cortez. Ang galing!
Wednesday 8 days to go before our wedding and 4 days naman before Lola Orang's big celebration for her 90th birthday. Eto palpak talaga ako dito. I should have done this months, weeks ago. For Lola's party, we should be giving away coffee mugs with a logo that I made for Lola, this same logo ang nakalagay sa invites and sa giveaway shirts na din. I kept on putting off ordering it for another day all the while I thought it can be done for a few days lang, unfortunately, hindi pala! So eventhough nahihiya ako sa mga Uncle ni Dzune, hindi ko na ito inisip, wala kung wala sabi ko. Pero kanina while looking around SM North before I picked up my Mom'a dress from Bobby Novenario I saw a shop displaying such coffee mugs! So nabuhayan na naman ako, went in and inquired if I could place an order for such and be able to get it by possible siya! So eventhough it costs double than the other shops na gumagawa nito, I placed an order for 50pcs. and what's more I can pick it up in their branch sa SM Manila which is closer to me. Haay...pray ko lang na sana maganda ang lahat...
My mom has a friend, si Tita Vicky who happens to be the bestfriend ot Mr. Steve Tamayo himself. Kaya kanina, Tita Vicky set an appointment with him at Villa Immaculada, kaya naman I finally got to meet the man behind Tamayo's catering. Bait naman siya and since matagal sila nagkasama ni Tita Vicky in Kuwait he even served us merienda. Sir Steve has been offering me an upgrade para sa mga centerpieces, gazebo, etc para sa Villa, pero it is a huge amount and naiisip ko, flowers lang naman yun. Siguro I will call na lang my AE and decline the offer, I'd rather spend money on food like my dream cake from Alex Franco which I let go na nga kasi hindi talaga kaya....At least Mr. Tamayo assured me that the food will be perfect come my wedding day....


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At 10:38 AM, Blogger Gigi said...

hi jhen! i didn't know ur blog has so many contents. last time i looked it was just a wee post :-) ngayon, cute-cute na niya!

i'll be there in ur wedding, kahit may pasok ako! i won't miss it for the world :-)

congratulations (in advance)!!!

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