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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Found my HMUA

Had my trial with Angie Cruz last Friday and I was so happy about it! I finally found someone who could do my make-up! And what’s really good about it is that my brothers, cousins and even my officemates loved the way Angie did my make-up and Ogie my hair!

It was so embarrassing, nga lang kasi I was late for the time I set which is 7am. Ogie has another appointment pa naman and mainit na yata talaga ulo nya when I arrived in Intramuros. And I was thinking naku hindi ko pa yata makakasundo ito. But after a while, while doing my hair ok naman na siya. Ogie did my hair first because he needed to leave na nga, bilis lang nya ginawa hair ko pero hindi naman madalian, she curled my hair and style it ala Jasmine Trias daw sabi ng kapatid ko, pero I liked it! Ngayon lang ulit ako nagpakulot kasi, last time was when I was in elementary. Then Angie did my make-up. I don’t know why but I have a lot of pimples on my face…siguro gusto talaga I-challenge ang magma-make-up sa akin..he he he. Gaang ng kamay ni Angie ands she really knows what she is doing, medyo kwento-kwento lang siya, bilis pa nya mag-make-up.…tapos she assists pala known make-up artists such as Denise Go at sino pa ba…si Denise Go lang naalala ko because I was dreaming before to have my make-up done by her…he he…in my dreams na lang, happy na ako kay Angie that I already booked her services on my wedding day! Yan, one tick off my to-do lists.

Then we proceeded to Chito Cleofas’ office in Agata in San Andres since it was raining we cant have an outdoor prenup. So punta kami in a studio in Sanlo where we had our prenup photos taken. Had fun with it, My Love nga lang hindi kasi silaw na silaw siya sa mga studio lights…


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